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Our new and innovate workshops are designed to introduce coding to your child. Our 4 hour workshop will teach the concept of coding, while sparking a new level of learning and creativity. Register your child for our next workshop!

Introducing Our New

Coding Workshops

Upcoming Workshop dates include: Saturday May 11th, 18th and June 1st from 1-5pm.

Our fun and interactive workshops are held with 6 students per session with one of our board certified teachers.

Students will learn basic commands and progress into functions and more advanced concepts.

Workshops taught in our professional and purpose build locations. All materials provided.

Workshop is a one time price of $49+hst

What You Need To Know

Workshop duration 4 hours

Minimum of 3 students required per workshop

5659 McAdam Rd Unit#B7 Mississauga ON L4Z 1N9

Offering Certified Teachers, Comprehensive Curriculum and State of the Art Facilities

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