Upload Pics!

Home Photo Contest!
Inviting all families to participate in our photo contest! We want photos of students working on their coding activities, from HOME!

The ideal image will show a picture of the student working at home and their home work environment too! Smiling and happy kids are always appreciated!

The Process: 
● Submit photos at link below or email tracycoburn@techykids.ca
● All entries must be submitted by Friday October 30th
● TechyKids staff will pick the top 3 the first week of November. 

The Prizes: 

1st Prize = $50 Gift Card for Amazon or Best Buy
2nd Prize = $35 Gift Card for Amazon or Best Buy
3rd Prize = $25 Gift Card for Amazon or Best Buy
Please select the link to email your image from your phone or computer!  By submitting and sending your image, you enter your photo in our contest and allow us to use your image for advertising or marketing purposes!
Please include Student Name with Image!

Some Pic Examples!

Screenshot 2019-11-19 17.04.19.png
image (1).png