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Testimonials from Our Students

Techy Kids has been a great experience and the teacher is very funny as well. It  has been the greatest class i have attended.i want to learn how to make cool games and websites. Therefore i love this class and everything that it has taught me so far. 


I like this class a lot and have learned a lot from it. My favorite topic has been functions because it makes things easier. I want to learn how to create animations and/or games.


Student Potential!

An example of where our students start and what they can complete in a fairly short time!

In my opinion the best lesson  has to be the while loops it needs an condition and if it's true the program will work if it is false you can also write an backup function which will do the code but not the same as you wrote it.i hope you join TechyKids it is an fun and social way to learn to code.


I think this after-school program is awesome. It teaches us how to loop,if statements, making objects move online, creating websites, and much more fun stuff ! So this is a great activity that everyone should have a chance to learn and have fun.


Testimonials from Parents

Thank you so much for this session at Techy kids. We will finish up by the 13th, but I wanted to let you know how innovative and fresh your concept is, Ninah leads with great teaching and connectivity to each student. Amazing experience. I will use techy kids intermittently throughout the year, as the kids really enjoyed the experience.


- Francine 

I would like to inform you that we recently enrolled our daughter at techy kids. This is our first experience as far as any educational institution is concerned but this place turned out to be the one beyond my expectations. I would like to mention the potential Sabina has as a teacher and how passionately she involves with the kids to teach them, what an incredible person.My daughter is very happy and that’s what matters the most. Best wishes for the future.


- Harinder

 I couldn't be more proud of my boys progress thus far. They appear to be very engaged and enjoying themselves. I myself have been programming for 20+ years and have always wanted to share my passion for technology with my boys. With that being said it is not an easy task to convey programming fundamentals to children. I can appreciate how your program slowly introduces palatable concepts to digest. Jacob was not keen on taking the classes but agreed to try it out for a month. Both he and Joshua came out of the first class with lots of positive remarks. I often find them both working through the exercises during the week asking questions when needed. So far, after each class I ask them if they would like to continue with it and they both say yes without hesitation. I can only hope that this enthusiasm is sustainable.

- Scott


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