Our Testimonials

Testimonials from Our Students

Techy Kids has been a great experience and the teacher is very funny as well. It  has been the greatest class i have attended.i want to learn how to make cool games and websites. Therefore i love this class and everything that it has taught me so far. 


I like this class a lot and have learned a lot from it. My favorite topic has been functions because it makes things easier. I want to learn how to create animations and/or games.


Student Potential!

An example of where our students start and what they can complete in a fairly short time!

In my opinion the best lesson  has to be the while loops it needs an condition and if it's true the program will work if it is false you can also write an backup function which will do the code but not the same as you wrote it.i hope you join TechyKids it is an fun and social way to learn to code.