Coding Kids Success Stories 

Mom and son both find success!

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Our blog posts will teach you more on why kids will benefit from coding.

Cameron's story  with TechyKids began back in January 2019, when his mother Erinn signed him up for a Free Trial to have him test out if coding is something that sparks his interests. After completing the trial on a Saturday afternoon, it became apparent to Erinn that Cameron wanted to sign up for our weekly programs as he continue to beg his mom "please, please mom, I want to come back". So far, Cameron has gone through 6 months of our program at our 1 hour per week option and has continued to flourish week over week. Erinn explains how TechyKids has helped Cameron:

" Being an active and outgoing family our first instinct was to enrol our son in team sports as soon as he was old enough. Seasons passed and we quickly realized that even though he was active and outgoing, sports just wasn't a good fit. We struggled to find a program that would both challenge and engage him but also provide unconditional support and patience . . . and then we found Techy Kids. I cannot describe how much this program has impacted my son. He is so excited to go to his weekly session and as soon as he gets home he shows us all of the things he has worked on.


He has been able to flourish in an environment that supports his creativity, encourages him to go outside of the box, all while ensuring he feels safe, supported and listened to. That’s a very big deal for a 9 year old! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our son now that Techy Kids has sparked an interest in all things coding and beyond. "

- Erinn J, Newmarket Parent

What is TechyKids? TechyKids is an evenings and weekends program that teaches coding to kids in grades 3+. Our primary focus is to ensure children are learning the foundation and fundamentals before transitioning into their preferred path of game creation, website development or anything of their choice.