Kids Coding is HERE!

Schools Start Coding for Kids in September!

We are 100% Certain that Students will be back in some form of School in September!

We are also 100% Certain that Coding for Kids will be included in the new Ontario Curriculum and we're pretty excited!!! 😁

Kids Coding

Sept 2020 - Ontario School Curriculum from Grade 1!

Coding will now be part of the Ontario school curriculum.  We are here and ready to support parents through this new educational pathway!


Why Coding?

Top Reason for Kids to Learn Coding!

Improves Math and Writing Skills
Coding helps children visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real situations and makes math fun and creative.  For writing, kids who code understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills.

Learn the Power of Collaboration

Kids meet and learn how to collaborate with all kinds of peers, all joined by a common interest in technology. Classrooms and other in-person environments bring kids together for face-to-face collaboration.

Improves Persistence

Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence in the face of difficult challenges. Learning how to problem solve through trial and error builds this highly desirable skill and teaches the students to continue looking for solutions.

Improves Critical Thinking

When working on solving a problem, trying to get the computer to do something, kids are learning to look past the bigger picture and breakdown the problem into smaller, manageable tasks. These skills are useful in everyday life.

Are you prepared for your child to learn coding!?

View the Ontario School Coding Curriculum!


How We Can Help!

Parents are going to need to support their kids in this new pathway and the course material for Grades 1 and 2 will be fairly basic. Once their kids get to grade 3 and up, the curriculum will be accelerated. That's where we come in!  We teach coding to kids all online and we're here to support you and your child and have them work ahead of what the school will be teaching!!! Guaranteed A's perhaps?! 🤔

Our Programs Support AND Exceed What The School Boards Are Introducing!

Join our us for a free online class where we will walk you through what and how we teach!

  • Ideal for kids from age 9+

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PARENT COMMENT!: Addyson is absolutely loving the online sessions with TechyKids! She loves learning about coding; working on tasks daily, checking in with the teacher and other students a few times a week and being challenged with learning a new skill set. A truly wonderful learning opportunity! Parent - Ashleigh C.

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Techykids is so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without contracts or commitments and you can cancel your child's sessions at anytime should you not be happy with what they are doing in class.  Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

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