Teaching the Fundamentals of Robotics!

Robotics for Kids

We teach the fundamentals of Robotics using either the Micro:Bit programmable device or the K8 programmable robot!  We run these robotics for kids sessions as teacher instructed classes either as independent pathways or our "PLUS" program which covers both devices!

Micro:Bit Program Board

Students learn programming/robotics on a piece of hardware they can hold and show off to friends! Micro:bits have small led lights which can flash messages, motion sensors and can be hooked up to other devices through cables and Bluetooth technology. They can be used to do all sorts of things like power cameras, write words in lights, chose playlists or control musical instruments. Students will learn how to turn the Micro:bit into a game controller, then use it to create simple pixel graphics as well as fun-to-play games such as "Snake", "PacMan" and more!​ 
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K8 Programmable Robot!

The K8 device is a robotics kit for introducing students to coding and robotics while developing STEM skills and knowledge in an easy and engaging way. K8 is designed to be compatible with the BBC Micro:bit, which will serve as the brain of the robot. Students will utilize their understanding of javascript in order to program the robot to simulate driving a rover on the moon, learn how echolocation works through use of the built in sonar, as well as participate in a variety of fun and interactive programming based competitions!

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