Why STEM Education for Kids is Important?

Why STEM Education for Kids is Important - TechyKids Canada

What is STEM?

STEM stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. However, it is not just an acronym but an education method that incorporates these subjects. STEM education for kids is important as it focuses on preparing kids to be successful in their careers. It addresses the concern of these subjects being taught in isolation but as a fact that these subjects are related to each other. Kids can gain a lot of skills from STEM education which extends beyond the skill required to be successful in STEM fields. Allowing them to develop skill sets that are valuable as it focuses on hands on learning with real world applications. Similarly, STEM education for kids encourages them to learn from their mistakes and experiences for achieving the desired outcome.

In this article, we have shared few important points on why STEM education for kids is important. Read on to find out more.

Why STEM Education for kids is Important:

STEM education for kids would bridge the gender gap sometimes found in science and math fields. It is a great way to introduce more women and minorities in STEM related fields. Also, technology has evolved a lot in past few years and it will change many things in the future. So, by introducing STEM education for kids, we will be preparing them for the upcoming jobs. Some of the key skills that kids can develop through STEM education are as follows:

1. Problem Solving:

STEM education allows kids to gain hands on experience by working practically on projects. They are forced to solve problems in different ways because it offers verities of activities. These activities test their capabilities and at the same time encourages them to develop those required skills.

2. Soft Skills:

Soft skills are vital in almost all the fields and STEM education for kids are designed for them to develop these skills. Initially, kids work in teams which helps them to improve their communication, creativity and leadership skills. It prepares them work in a team and explore new group dynamics.

3. Critical thinking:

Critical thinking is a valuable skill and STEM projects can help kids to develop this skill. It forces kids to systematically think through problems in order to achieve the desired result. These projects also help kids to pay attention to detail and see things from different point of view.

4. Reasoning:

Kids learn to enhance their reasoning skills by working on STEM projects. They learn to use evidence to support their claim because STEM activities for kids involves analysing data and patterns on various scales.

5. Creativity:

STEM education for kids allows them to enhance their creativity. Skills like problem solving and critical thinking allows them to come up with creative ideas to solve different issues. Similarly, learning the STEM subjects helps them to realise how interrelated these subjects are to each other. Which enhance their creative ability to come up with new and out of the box ideas for the future.

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