Why Should Parents Teach Kids to Code?

Why Should Parents Teach Kids to Code - TechyKids

Every parent wants the best for their kids. While they always think ahead of time to provide their kids with the right education for a successful career. Similarly, it becomes important for parents to figure out prominent skills aiding for their kid’s future. Which brings us to understand why parents should teach kids to code. Because teaching kids to code is one such way to get kids ahead of school and enhance their learning ability.

When parents teach kids to code, the benefits are not limited to education and career. Kids develop many other skills like perseverance, organization, problem solving and even boost their confidence. However, it is predicted that there will be a significant rise in the demand for computer programmers in the future. As a parent if you are confused about deciding the right time to teach kids to code or to know the right age to start, read on to find out answers to all your queries.

Why Should Parents Teach Kids to Code?

Coding is a skill and despite few misconceptions, parents can start to teach kids to code in Grade 3-4. This is because coding consists of many different elements and varying degrees of complexity. Kids can start with the basics of computer programming and meanwhile if they develop interest in coding, they can move forward with ease. However, even learning the basics of coding can prove to be helpful for kids.

At TechyKids, although we have structured pathways for our students. We adjust curriculum to meet the pace and skill level of our students. Because every student is different and we believe in individualized educational plans for kids in our program.

Reasons to Teach Kids to Code:

1. Coding can help kids to improve and develop multiple facets of their school syllabus including math and other subjects. Coding is known for helping kids to visualize abstract math concepts and to apply them in real life situations. Similarly, it also teaches kids to solve problems with logic and using the basics of mathematics.

2. Coding also helps kids to enhance their creativity and improve their writing skills. Kids develop more concise and structured approaches towards English language and storytelling. While they can even learn to solve issues through creative thinking. Kids can develop Apps, video games and more allowing them use their creativity and ideas to create new digital content.

3. Coding has significantly become a part of our daily life. Everything we see today, whether its smartphones, machines, computers or perhaps even the traffic light system function because of lines of code. When we teach kids to code, they will understand the world better and can create things to solve problems of the future through innovative thinking.

4. When you teach kids to code, you also help them to future proof their job prospects. Because even today it's fairly difficult to meet the demand for computer programmers and in the future the demand is only going to increase.

5. Also, when we teach kids to code, we empower them and boost their confidence. It’s amazing to see the final result after hours of coding. This way they become independent and can turn their ideas into reality.

Parents need to understand that kids don’t need to be geniuses to learn coding. Like we mentioned before, coding is a skill and can be developed through practise. However, if you are still confused feel free to check out our blog on myths about teaching coding to kids or tips for teaching coding to kids.

At TechyKids, we strive to provide all parents an equal opportunity to enrol their kids in our coding program by offering promotions and discounts. By teaching kids coding today, you will be preparing them for a better tomorrow.


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