Why Should Kids Learn Python?

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Python is an emerging programming language that has marked its importance in various STEM fields. Considering the growth of technology and the rise in demand for coders around the world. In coming years, kids can benefit a lot if they learn python. At TechyKids, we teach core programming languages for kids to prepare them for the future. Our Python programming course for kids can help them get a closer look at the practical applications of the most dynamic and versatile programming language. But not many understand the value of kids learning Python. That is why in this article, we have shared few reasons why should kids learn Python. Read on to find out more.

Why Should Kids Learn Python:

1. Python is Easy to Learn:

If you are planning to teach coding to kids then Python would be a great starting point. Because unlike other programming languages, Python was developed to be user friendly. It’s syntax resembles the English language and it’s very easy to read. Python for kids might seem complicated but at TechyKids, students learn Python and develop interest in learning more.

2. Python is a Pathway to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

From Google being able to predict your search queries to Netflix recommending shows that you might like; everything is made possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since, Python is a versatile and dynamic programming language, it’s application becomes limitless. And when kids learn Python, they can become a part of such emerging technologies.

3. Python has A Growing Market Demand:

Python is a widely used programming language and will have a prominent presence in future tech. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be over half a million coding jobs available by 2029. If kids learn Python, they can be sure about securing their career in programming.

4. Python Programmers Get Paid Significantly:

It is of obvious reason that a programming language which is emerging and has a high demand in job market would attract above average salary. In the last few years alone, Python has achieved significant growth globally due to its efficiency and applicability which makes Python a valuable skill in various STEM fields.

It the world of computer science, Python is a leading programming language. Although it might seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be like that for kids. At TechyKids, we have qualified teachers who bring a wealth of real-world educational experience. Enrol your kids today, in a fun educational coding program at TechyKids. For more information feel free to contact us here!


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