Why Should Kids Learn Java?

Why Should Kids Learn Java | TechyKids

Java is the most popular and widely used programming language in the world. This is because it offers extreme versatility, stable platform and serves great purpose in the mobile development community. A large part of Android OS was written in Java and since it runs in a virtual machine. It doesn’t need to be recompiled for every phone model. Similarly, Java is the most preferred programming language by software developers because of its flexibility and ease of use. In coming years, Java as a programming language will prove to be very useful for today’s generation. That is why in this article, we have shared few important reasons which will help you understand why should kids learn Java.

Why Should Kids Learn Java:

1. Java is in-demand programming language:

The recent technological revolution in almost all areas of businesses has created a rise in demand for Java programmers. Since Java is the base programming language for Android apps, games and is used for enterprise level solutions. It has a high demand in the job market and it keeps increasing day by day.

2. Java is here to stay:

Java was created in the early 90’s and still has numerous applications. It would be a waste of time, energy and resources to invest in something that has a possibility to become outdated. But this is not the case with Java programming language. It will remain in demand for generations to come. Which is yet another reason why should kids learn java.

3. Java developers make great money:

A programming language that has an increasing demand in the job market and is not going to become outdated any time soon; is definitely going to attract great money-making opportunities. However, it also depends on the company and the location. But for most Java developers, their salary is going to be high as compared to other language developers even at an entry level.

4. Java has great applications:

Java being a versatile and flexible programming language has numerous applications. It can run on any operating system and is known for its security. Some of the top applications of Java are as follows: Web based applications, Gaming applications, Mobile applications, Enterprise applications, Business applications, Big data technologies and the list goes on. This creates great opportunities for kids to explore and marks yet another reason why should kids learn Java.

5. Java can give your child a competitive advantage:

Many developers started learning Java much later in their life and it also becomes difficult to learn a new language as an adult with no experience in coding. So, when kids learn Java, they get enough time to practise and lean new things about this programming language. Even your child is not interested to have a career as a programmer, this skill in Java can still help them to stand out while applying for college, internship and jobs.

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