Why Live Online Coding Classes for Kids Are the Best

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Why Live Online Coding Classes for Kids Are the Best - TechyKids Canada

Coding classes for kids has become very popular in Canada. There are numerous resources and courses available to help kids learn coding. As good as it may sound, it also makes it very difficult for parents to find the right coding courses and programs for their children. Because there are many programming tools, websites, videos, blogs, online coding classes and self-paced courses available for kids. Since, many kids will learn to code in Canada. As parents, you have to decide which of these methods would work the best for your child. However, for most kids live online coding classes gives better results than pre-recorded lessons. In this article, we have shared some of the key points that supports why live online coding classes for kids are the best. Read on to find out more.

Why Live Online Coding Classes for Kids Are the Best:

1. Learning Material

The actual material taught in most beginner coding classes for kids have few similarities. However, in the case of live online coding classes, teachers have the freedom to interact and quickly address any problem or doubts faced by kids. They can even make lessons fun for kids and create exercises to help them progress faster. Where as in case of pre-recorded lessons, the chances of kids getting confused are rather high and they might even lose interest in learning to code.

2. Time Commitment

For families who have a busy schedule self-taught coding lessons for kids will serve the purpose. Kids can learn without restrictions and start whenever possible. However, in such cases because there is no one to enforce the lessons onto kids, the odds of completing the courses becomes low.

3. Interaction

In live online coding classes for kids, there are many other students in a group. This makes it sociable and helps kids to improve their communication skills. It also a great way to connect kids with others who share similar interest. At TechyKids Canada, we encourage kids to ask questions and speak about their work since it helps kids to cement their knowledge.

4. Cost

It true that live online coding classes for kids would cost more that self-taught coding lessons. But the level of support and knowledge that kids can get through live online classes cannot be compared with any other methods of learning. However, at TechyKids Canada we strive to provide all parents equal opportunity to enrol their kids in a fun educational program by offering promotions and ongoing discounts.

As a parent, one always wants the best for their kids and providing them with best education is always a priority. By teaching kids coding lessons, you will be not only helping them to develop useful skills but also will be preparing them for the future. At TechyKids Canada, we offer tech-based courses and programs for kids which are taught live to kids by experienced teachers majored in computer science. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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