Why is Coding the Most Important Skill for Kids?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Why is Coding the Most Important Skill for Kids - TechyKids

Many are not aware why coding is the most important skill for the next generation. The term coding has been used remarkably in the past few years. As the technology progresses, coding will rapidly become the most important skill required for a job. Just like communication, leadership, teamwork and other computer skills. Coding is a skill which can be learned and developed over a period of time. The sooner we work on it, the better will be the result. Since, coding has opened doors for machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is only going to grow and is going to gain more momentum with time. This is the reason why many countries and educational institutes have made computer programming for kids mandatory.

However, there are many speculations and myths about teaching coding for kids. But through proper guidance and interactive learning, kids can develop the skill of coding to build Apps, games and more on their own. At TechyKids Canada, we offer tech-based courses and programs for kids with structured pathways. However, not all kids are same - we understand and expect kids to learn at their own pace. So, we adjust our curriculum to meet the pace and skill level of our students.

Why coding is the most important skill?

Here’s why..

1. Future Proofing the Career:

Coding is no longer limited to the tech world. Today, there are many businesses and organizations in various sectors like finance, manufacturing, healthcare and so on. That are always looking for coders to innovate and smoothen their functions. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future and having skills like coding will certainly come in handy.

2. Problem Solving Ability:

Learning to code also teaches you to solve complex problems. As a coder, one creates many functions and algorithms in order to solve problems and enhance overall functions. However, this doesn’t stop here. Since we are always evolving technology-wise, keeping up with the new trends and requirement becomes far more crucial. Having the skills to code, allows you to solve problems with logic and reasoning.

3. Earning Potential:

It is not a secret that coders and programmers earn big time. We are living in a world which is slowly turning into a digital environment. Which will create demand for more web developers, software developers, computer programmers and many other positions in parallel industries too. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the careers that involve coding and programming have an above average salary.

4. Automation:

Technology has helps us to achieve thing that was considered impossible or hard. Through innovation we have automated many things which saves us time, energy and resources. However, automation has put many conventional jobs at risk. But for these machines to work and to perform tasks, human control is required. So, coding becomes an important skill to possess, which will be more relevant in the future.

Coding for kids has many benefits and having an additional skill like coding is only going have positive remarks. Kids are blessed with sharper minds and they tend to learn things faster at young age. If you want to know more, feel free to check out our coding courses and programs for kids.

At TechyKids, we teach core coding languages to advanced Python to prepared kids for the future. Kids learn the functions, applications by working on projects and by managing them with full teacher support.


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