Why Classroom Coding Curriculum Isn’t Enough

Why Classroom Coding Curriculum Isn’t Enough - TechyKids Canada

The increasing shortage of coders is well documented and it is also predicted that in the next decade there will be a million digital job openings. As a result, many educational institutes are now mandating coding classes for kids in their curriculum. It is a very good step taken by schools to help our kids get equipped with skills required for the future. Similarly, the Ontario government in 2020 updated the math curriculum by including coding literacy to prepare kids for the modern world. Although it seems to be very beneficial for kids, there are few reasons why classroom coding curriculum isn’t enough for your kids.

Reasons Why Classroom Coding Curriculum Isn’t Enough:

1. Implementation:

The Canadian province’s math curriculum was last updated in the year 2005 and to fully implement the 2020 coding curriculum, it would take some time. Not all schools have the facilities to begin coding classes for kids right away. Coding classes requires expensive hardware and spaces to schedule extra classes, which can be difficult for schools on a tight budget.

2. Finding Trained Teachers:

Classroom coding curriculum isn’t enough because finding trained teachers that can teach kids coding is a difficult task. The lucrative salaries and amazing opportunities in the STEM and tech industries attracts all qualified programmers. The lack of qualified programming teachers and quality of training new teachers would affect the learning of kids at school.

3. Issues with Curriculum:

It takes a fun, informative and interactive coding curriculum for kids to develop interest in coding. If a teacher has the ability to teach kids coding, it’s of no use if the curriculum doesn’t inspire the students. Kids would find it difficult to understand the significance of computer programming if they cannot relate it to the real world. Which will eventually lead to kids losing interest in learning to code.

4. Method of Teaching:

The method of teaching coding to kids is different as compared to other subjects. The main issues that teachers face is to inspire kids “how to think” on their own rather than just giving them lines of code to copy. It also becomes very difficult when there are large mixed group of students with varying level of skills and ability to learn. This would slow down kids with greater skill and ability to learn coding.

How to Support Kids Classroom Coding Curriculum?

As a parent, if you want your kids to acquire coding skills and benefit from schools coding curriculum. Then, enrol your kids at TechyKids Canada’s fun educational coding program for kids under 10 and for kids above 11 years. Similarly, for parents and kids looking for more advanced coding experience that exceed what is offered by school boards. We offer Kids Coding Programs and utilize different teaching platforms based on student age and/or previous experience.

Since not all kids have the same level of skills and the ability to learn, we do adjust our curriculum to meet the pace and skill level of our students. For more information, feel free to Contact Us Here!


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