What is Digital Literacy and Why It’s Important for Kids?

What is Digital Literacy & Why It’s Important for Kids - TechyKids

Technology has become a fixed part in kids’ lives and knowing how to code would help them to secure their career. While most parents are focusing on teaching their kids coding, digital literacy is something they tend to forget. Kids require digital literacy more than ever because they will be using technology, the internet and social media for life. Parents need to ensure that their kids are using technology and its derivatives safely and effectively. In this article, you’ll get to know what is digital literacy and why it’s important for kids.

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy can be described as having the skills to live, work and learn in an environment where access and communication to information is available through digital technologies like social media, mobile devices and various internet platforms.

Technology has offered numerous advantages and benefits to us. However, it can be overwhelming, staggering and even dangerous at times – especially for kids. So, just like how teaching kids coding can prepare them for the future, digital literacy skills will help them gain deeper understanding of the tech that surrounds them.

Why Digital Literacy is Important?

Digital literacy skills are quite essential in classroom and in workforce. No matter which field of study and career path kids choose, they will require some form of digital literacy. The important topics under digital literacy are cyberbullying, internet safety, digital footprints and avoiding plagiarism.

Kids work on projects and reports assigned to them by their schools. They are expected to use search engines for research purpose and content creation. Similarly, kids play online games and use social media platforms for fun and entertainment.

However, kids can easily run into trouble without understanding its purpose. The increasing cases of cyberbullying, identity theft and computer hacking are enough for us to understand the importance of digital literacy for kids. Anyone using the internet and social media should know how it works, who can who and what kind of digital footprints they leave behind.

At TechyKids, along with providing tech-based coursers and programs for kids. We also teach students about digital citizenship. Although it’s beyond teaching kids coding, we understand the importance of digital literacy for kids. We want our students to be equipped with skills and knowledge that would help them to be careful and responsible around technology.

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