What is Block Based Coding for Kids?

What is Block Based Coding for Kids - TechyKids Canada

Block based coding for kids can be describe as a drag and drop based learning platform. Here, the term “Block” refers to coding instructions which helps to animate games and stories once entered into the system. Block based coding platforms are the best for getting kids interested in learning how to code. It can help them to understand the concepts and fundamentals of coding in an easy manner. Kids can build computational thinking after they learn coding with blocks. Today, there are many block-based coding platforms available for kids and Scratch is the most popular one. In this article, you will get to know the different types of block code in Scratch and what your kids can create using this block-based coding platform.

Types of Block Coding in Scratch:

1. Looks Block:

Each object in Scratch is called as spirit and sprites are the images that you see on a computer screen. So, the looks block can help you to change the appearance of the spirit in use. For example, if you are creating a story or a game. Then with looks block you can change the way how the spirits look and even change it’s costume, background and get different spirits to interact with each other like a story.

2. Motion Block:

Motion blocks are concerned with the movement of spirits and with it you can make your spirit move the way you want. For example, if you want the spirit to move right after 10 steps. Then creators can instruct the same using motion blocks.

3. Sound Block:

Sound blocks as the name suggests allows you to add sound effects to the game, story or video you created on scratch. You can even alter the bass, pitch and volume using sound block. For example, if there is a cat in your story or game then you can add the “meow” sound for it.

What Your Kids Can Do Using Block Based Coding?

1. Clicker Game:

Kids can create a game where a player has to click the icons to secure points. This could be anything like popping balloons or something similar to this. Here, once the icon is clicked then another icon appears and this keeps repeating. They player gets as many points, depending on the number of clicks.

2. Make it Fly Games:

In this type of game, the player has to press the up and down arrow key to control the spirit. This game can be of anything from a bird flying through trees or a person riding bike on a road.

3. Chase Game:

Here, kids can create a game where one spirit is chasing the other to score points. The spirit can be a giant shark or octopus chasing other smaller fishes in a screen full of ocean.

4. Adventure Game:

Adventure games are more on the advance level side of coding. In this type of game, there is a story line, multiple characters, background, objects and players. These are the block-based coding games which most gamers play.

Why Block Based Coding for Kids?

One of the best advantages of block-based coding is that it allows more tangible coding experience to kids. Also, it helps kids to let their imagination flow and brings out their creativity. Along with learning to code, kids can develop analytical skills, logical thinking and more. These skills are not only useful for them in school but also in life. At TechyKids Canada, we offer coding programs for kids that are taught in fun and interactive manner under professional environment. For more information, feel free to contact us here!


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