Virtual Learning Tips for Parents: Help Kids Succeed in Online Classes

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Many students around the world are taking some sort of online classes. Kids are learning in ways that was not considered to be feasible while on the other hand virtual learning is becoming a thing. Today, there are tons of resources available online and kids can choose from varieties of apps, websites and online courses to develop new skills. Technology has made everything possible for us and it is playing a vital role in transforming the learning process. So, in this article we have shared few virtual learning tips for parents to help kids succeed in online classes. Read on to find out more.

Virtual Learning Tips for Parents:

1. Setup A Working Desk:

When kids go to school, they learn in an environment which helps them to focus more. Similarly, you have to set up a workspace for kids which gives them the feeling of being in class. It would also enable them to concentrate more and sit comfortably during long learning sessions. They can even keep the materials required for class organised, which would prevent getting up from their place to find things during lectures.

2. Time Management:

Scheduling your kids activities would make things easier for everyone at home. As parents, this is also a great opportunity to teach kids about time management. Not letting them to treat it as a vacation is key and since not all kids are the same. It becomes important to find out what works the best for your child.

3. Take Breaks:

During online classes kids are exposed to maximum level of screen time. Taking breaks in between is very much important for the brain and to maintain concentration level. It could be hard for some kids to sit through an entire online class and taking small break in between can refresh their mind.

4. Limit Distraction:

We all know how easily kids get distracted and when they are learning from the comfort of their home. We need not say what can happen next. So, limiting distractions during the learning hour would allow kids to focus more in completing their work. Games, toys and other electronic gadgets which can take away their focus should be kept away during online classes.

5. Keep in Touch with Teachers:

It is crucial for a parent to keep in touch with their kid’s teacher. It is a great way to know about your child's progress and also to know if they are facing any difficulties during virtual learning. Kids might be learning independently but taking part with this ongoing dialogue is equally important. Also, updating your kids teacher about your child making productive changes and reaching new milestone should be in practise. Because, kids appreciated the positive feedbacks coming from different angels.

In coming years use of technology in education is only going to evolve and kids will be required to have the knowledge of computer programming. That is why At TechyKids Canada, we offer live online coding classes for kids. Our experienced teachers and instructors ensure your that our students learn coding in a professional environment but in a fun and interactive process. To know more, feel free to contact us here!


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