Tips for Teaching Coding to Kids

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Tips for Teaching Coding to Kids - TechyKids

Coding is a creative activity which requires logical thinking and analytical skill. Teaching coding to kids is not just about giving them lines of code to copy but to make them understand the whole process. However, kids might not enjoy developing data processing algorithms or software. But by following few tips for teaching coding to kids, they shall enjoy the coding process to create games, music programs, websites or even art.

Teaching coding to adults might seem difficult but for kids it would just mean an extracurricular activity. In fact, kids would learn to code faster because they don’t know how difficult coding is supposed to be. As a result, if we spark their enthusiasm with right activities and follow the tips for teaching coding to kids. They can achieve a lot in a very short period of time and become innovative programmers. Teaching coding to kids will also empower them to become critical thinkers and develop functional STEM skills for the future.

At TechyKids, we have certified teachers and instructors that have majored in computer science. They bring a wealth of real-world educational experience to make coding for kids a fun and interactive process. Here, we have shared few tips for teaching coding to kids. Read on to help your kids get started with coding.

Tips for Teaching Coding to Kids:

1. Hands Off the Mouse and Keyboard:

Whenever we are teaching something new to someone, micromanaging their activities never helps anyone. In the case of teaching coding to kids, they need to get comfortable around computers. It is to be understood that nobody is born as computer genius. Kids need to learn to work around the keyboard and mouse. It would be more helpful to them if we refrain from taking control and rather guide them to clarity by communicating the required action.

2. Be Patient:

Every child is different and they learn at their own pace depending upon the skill level. However, coding being a valuable skill requires practice and time investment. Teaching coding to kids requires us to be patient to ensure kids learn and understand the concepts of coding. At TechyKids we have structured pathways for our students and we adjust our curriculum to match the skill level of our students with full teacher supported sessions.

3. Let Them Explore and Investigate:

Teaching coding to kids not only means to teach them the fundamentals of coding but to also allow them to explore and investigate. In other words, if we teach few lines of code. Kids should have the freedom to try and alter the coding just to see the results. This would help them to come up with innovative ideas and would boosts their creativity too.

4. Talk about Coding Languages:

Coding being the set of instructions for computers to follow comprises of different languages. Some of the core coding languages are Python, Java, JavaScript and HTML. These set of coding languages are useful to communicate with different machines. So, it becomes very important to make kids understand which coding languages would be useful to give them the desired result.

5. Inspire with Examples:

It is quite important to provide kids with examples before working on projects. This would spark their interest and help them to build basic command useful for completing the project. Also, knowing the end result of their work would give kids a sense of achievement and drive them towards working on more projects on their own.

Teaching coding to kids would become easier if it is made fun and interactive. Kids tend to lose interest and attention quickly. As a result, at TechyKids we ensure our students not only learn coding but also enjoy the process. Feel free to browse through our website to check out our programs and coding course for kids.


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