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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Computer Programming for Beginners & Experienced Kids - TechyKids Canada

Teach your kids to code by introducing computer programming at an early age. For some parents, especially who are not familiar with computer programming, shall find it challenging. However, at Techykids we provide equal opportunity for students to learn how to code by offering tech-based courses and programs at a variety of price points. These computer programming courses for beginners will empower your child to become critical thinker and innovative programmers.

Learning to code as kids will not only help them to develop new skills but also will secure their career. In coming days, knowing how to coding will be an essential skill for any job. This is because the tech industry is evolving in Canada at a faster rate and is not going to stop. There is going to be a constant development and evolution in software, computers and technologies time. Generating numerous job opportunities for kids of today. At TechyKids Canada, although we have structured path for our students. They are managed independently and we also individualize education plans for every child in our program. So, kids with no experience can learn to code.

TechyKids Curriculum:

For Grade 3 - 4

1. Computer Science Fundamentals Course:

In this course kids will develop an understanding of algorithms, while loops, nested loops, conditionals and events before they are introduced with their functions. The course is divided into three parts which covers all the topics. Students start from the basics and move forward to learn problem solving techniques along with discussing the societal impacts of computing and the internet. Kids will also create and design capstone project which they can share. Students will utilize the skills they learned from the computer science fundamentals course 2 and 3 after finishing the course respectively; to create a stationary graphic and a moving graphic, design or pattern.

2. Student Mini-Course Electives:

The student mini course help kids to learn basics of coding through art, music and sports. Coding with art involves kids to develop coding programs that creates collages and enables them to tell stories through a sequence of multimedia scenes. Coding with music is a block coding course which enhances the kid’s ability to build programs that generates beats, music sequences with visualizations and much more. Coding with sports mini course helps students to develop sports games and simulations of their own.

For Grade 5+

These computer programming course for kids are perfect for experienced kids or for students who have completed the grade 3 course.

1. Intro to Programming:

In this course, kids will learn the basics of programming and learn JavaScript commands, functions by solving puzzles and writing creative programs.

2. Web Design:

In this project-based course, kids will learn to develop their own web pages. This will learn the coding languages like HTML and CSS to build live homepage for their website. This will also serve as portfolios for their creation. Students will also learn to develop tangible, professional and mobile responsive websites by the end of the course.

3. Introduction to Python:

Python is a widely used computer programming language and, in this course, students will learn Python commands, functions and control structures by solving puzzles and writing programs.

4. Introduction to Computer Science in Python:

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of computer programming along with some advance features of Python language. This course is equivalent to a semester-long introductory Python course at the college level.

Students will use these skills to complete tasks with Microbit programming. They will create games, graphics, perhaps anything they enjoy creating using the Python language.

5. Introduction to Programming in Java including Karel Java:

Students will learn the basic object-oriented programming with a focus on algorithm development and problem solving. However, this course is no designed to prepare students for AP Java exam.

6. AP Java:

Students shall take this course and prepare themselves for the AP Java test.

7. Introduction to SQL:

In this course, students will learn to structure information, analyze data and write queries. SQL is used to manage data in the management database system and to retrieve required information from the database.

Through these programs and coding courses for kids, students will learn to code at their own pace. At TechyKids Canada, we have comprehensive curriculum and certified teachers to provide full support to our students. Kids with and without experience in coding can learn to code without any problem. Enrol you kids now and teach them how to code!


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