Programming for Kids: Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Jan 4

Programming for Kids: Do’s and Don’ts - TechyKids Canada

Programming and coding can be regarded as the basic skill that a person should have right now. Since, technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Knowing the basics of programming can help us to understand technology in a better way. Today, Kids are surrounded with technology and use it on daily basis. Programming for kids would help in shaping their minds and also allows them to develop useful skill for the future. Kids who are interested in programming would benefit a lot by starting early. It’s always a better idea to make kids learn and enjoy the learning process rather than just pressurizing them into doing something that they won’t cherish. In this article, we have shared a few important tips on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to teaching computer programming for kids.

Do’s of Programming for kids:

1. Let them Operate:

If we want kids to learn programming, then we must also allow them to operate computers and other software programs on their own. Knowing how to operate a computer is a skill and it’s very important for kids to be able to do that in order to learn programming. Most parent micro manage their activities on computers and other devices which discourages kids from learning with their own experiences.

2. Make it Fun:

Kids get easily bored and it’s very difficult to find something that they would genuinely enjoy. Just like how majority of us didn’t really enjoy doing math on our own when we were in school. But we all have got a teacher at least once in our life time who made that subject fun. Which actually helped us to still remember those fundamentals and concepts. Similarly, kids are already into computers, smartphones and other technology-based gadgets. Programming for kids can be made fun by introducing them with coding games and activities. This would spark their interest in programming and would make learning fun for them.

3. Make it Creative:

It’s also very important to have a creative approach towards making programming for kids interesting. Unlike adults, kids are found of newness and have short attention span. As parents, if you are worried about your kids learning to program. Then you must enrol them in an education program which would spark their enthusiasm. At TechyKids Canada, we professionally teach computer programming for kids in a fun and interactive manner.

4. Consistency is the Key:

Computer programming is a skill and to master any skill, consistency is the key. Since, a kid’s approach towards learning new thing is different. Creating an environment for learning and consistently keeping them in touch with coding lessons is significant. You can even provide them pre-recorded videos, blogs to read and coding games to play. This would help kids to be in touch with their coding skills and would also cement their knowledge. This can help them with job opportunity in future too.

Don’ts of Programming for Kids:

1. Don’t Pressurise:

Pressuring anyone into learning something new or pressurising them to speed up their learning ability can lead to deviate them from making any progress. Especially while teaching kids, it’s important for parents and teachers to not put pressure on them. It can burn them out and can even lead into losing interesting in learning. Kids should be motivated and appreciated for putting efforts when they reach new milestone.

2. Don’t Assume Kids Learning Ability:

It’s quite wrong to assume a kid’s learning ability because every child is different and their ability to learn new things varies. Some kids would learn quicker and some might take some time to understand the concepts. This is the reason why at TechyKids Canada, although we have structured pathways for our students, we do adjust our curriculum to meet the skill level and pace of kids. Because rather than just completing the lessons, it’s more important for kids to understand what they are learning.

3. Don’t Use Programming for Adults:

Programming for kids is completely different from programming for adults. If kids are learning to code, then it doesn’t mean that they could handle complex programming made for adults. If kids are made to follow adult preprograming lessons, then they would lose interest because kids require instructions which are easy to follow and understand. Today, there are many coding games, courses and programs available for kids, which are designed just for them. Choosing them would prove to be very beneficial for kids and can help to sustain their interest in learning programming.

These are the main Do’s and Don’ts of programming for kids which we all need to keep in mind. Since, we all want the best for our kids and want to help them secure their future. We can make the learning process easier by following the above mentioned do and don’ts. If you are looking for the best online coding classes for kids, the be sure to check out TechyKids Canada’s Curriculum.

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