Online Coding Classes for Kids vs Classroom Learning

Online Coding Classes for Kids vs Classroom Learning - TechyKids

Technology has helped us to become more productive and has made many things far more convenient for us. In the last few years, we have witnessed tremendous rise in use of the internet and other online services in Canada. The future will be overflowing with technology and having the knowledge of coding will be very useful. But what about education and learning? We know the future of coding and how it could help to build a career. However, classes which once took place inside the classroom has moved online, giving rise to eLearning. Especially, online coding classes for kids has become very popular. Teaching kids how to code is important and we have already discussed about the benefits of coding for kids. In this article, we are comparing online coding classes for kids vs classroom learning. This can help many parents to understand the pro and cons of online coding classes for kids.

Online Coding Classes for Kids vs Classroom Learning:

1. Availability:

Computer are essential for online coding classes for kids and as a matter of fact, having computer at home is pretty much useful for everyone. Kids can learn a lot from computers and it’s very important for them to know how it works. Parents don’t need to take their kids to classes as kids can learn coding from the comfort of your home. Kids will never fall short of coding lessons to learn and can choose from numerous coding programs and courses.

2. Unavailability:

There are few more things required for eLearning other than just a computer. It would be difficult for kids to learn through online classes without a good internet connection, a webcam and a headset with microphone. Although, webcams are not absolute necessity but it would useful for online sessions to communicate with their teachers. Similarly, a good internet connection means fast streaming and no sound break up. All of this might seem too much but it’s actually nothing. Kids need this equipment to learn from their online coding classes and can be seen as an investment. However, if this is still not an option for you then classroom learning is would be best choice for you because everything you need is already provided.

3. Time Management:

Unlike online classes, kids need to travel for classroom learning. At times, it can take several minutes for kids to get ready and it’s even possible that as parents you have other commitments to fulfil and cannot always take your kids to their classes. In this scenario, online coding classes for kids is better as kids can log in and start with their sessions without wasting any time.

4. Focus:

It is possible that when kids are in group, they tend to lose their focus and attention. Kids who joke around can concentrate more at home and would not disturb others. Kids get distracted easily and it’s important for them to develop interest in what they are learning. This is the reason why at TechyKids Canada, we make the learning process for kids fun and interactive. Kids learn at their own pace with full teacher support.

5. Adaptability:

Through online coding courses, kids can become familiar with online interaction and develop skills required for the future. Things could with time and it’s very important to adapt yourself with the changing environment. Kids have access to everything today, be it apps, websites or games. Learning to code will help them to understand the technology behind them. And by adapting coding skills, kids can develop their own games, apps and even websites.

At TechyKids, we believe and promote individualized education plans for kids. Feel free to browse through our curriculum and online coding programs carefully designed to meet the pace and skill level of our students.


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