Myths about Teaching Coding for Kids

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Myths About Teaching Coding for Kids - TechyKids

It is now quite evident to us how the digital revolution has changed the world and how it is never going to stop. Over the years there has been tremendous technological advancement achieved. Kids now can learn from educational Apps, website and more to help them with their studies. Similarly, coding for kids has become a part of kid’s school curriculum in many countries. Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Google have stepped into the ring with their own kids coding initiative. However, there are many myths about teaching coding for kids.

In coming years, coding for kids will be introduced at school level. While many countries have already made it mandatory for educational institute to have coding courses for kids. Parents need to understand how learning to code at an early age can benefit their kids. At TechyKids, we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities for kids which helps to enhance thinking and imagination. We teach coding for kids and prepare them for the future. Also, Kids learn to code at their own pace with full teacher support. Below we have mentioned some of the common myths about teaching coding for kids, read on to find out what they are.

Myths about Teaching Coding for Kids:

1. Kids are too Young to Learn Coding:

There are no age barriers to learn how to code. However, kids can learn anything quickly between the age of 5 and 12. This is the best time for them to learn new things and develop skills as they grow. By introducing coding for kids, it will help them to develop a creative mind, enhance their critical and logical thinking. At TechyKids, we structure the courses to fit the skill level of our students and they move forward step by step.

2. Kids Need to be Gifted with Skills:

It is true that coding is a skill but one certainly need not be gifted to learn coding kids. Just like any other skill, coding can be mastered with right knowledge and practice. Kids can learn to code by starting with the basics and gradually learning the core coding languages. It will be just a matter of time when they start developing games, apps and websites of their own.

3. Coding for Kids can be Expensive:

People who are not associated with the computer programming industry may perceive it as an expensive skill to learn. Coding is an incredibly valuable skill with high demand in job market. And it’s possible for people to think coding courses for kids will be expensive. However, at TeckyKids we provide all parents equal opportunity to enroll their children in our educational program through various promotions and discounts.

4. Picking the Right Language

Every child is different and their ability to grasp coding languages varies from person to person. But it we consider the languages used in real life, then Python and JavaScript would be better as it can be easily used on every device and web browser. However, there can still be a debate on which language is more kid friendly. Ultimately, it falls upon the child to choose their favourite programming language. At TechyKids, students learn the core coding languages like Python, HTML, Java and JavaScript. They start from the basics regardless of their age and grade.

Myths about teaching coding for kids are overshadowing the benefits of knowing how to code at an early age. Since, it can help kids to improve their problem-solving skills, management skills and also teaches them to work in a collaborative manner. Once they develop these essential skills required in life. Kids will have amazing job opportunities waiting for them.


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