Mistakes to Avoid While Teaching Kids Coding

Mistakes to Avoid While Teaching Kids Coding - TechyKids

Teaching kids coding is a step that every parent should take to equip their kids with skills useful in the future. The IT industry in Canada has achieved tremendous growth and in coming years, it is going to create more jobs than ever. Similarly, due to digital revolution, technology is going to play a vital role in all sectors and people with programming skills can make the most of this opportunity. So, by introducing coding to kids at an early age, you will be helping them to flourish in a digital environment.

However, teaching kids coding can be challenging because there are tons of learning material available on the web. And if you don’t find the suitable method of learning for your kids, then it can become all confusing for them. That is why in this article, we have shared some of the common mistakes to avoid while teaching kids coding.

Mistakes to Avoid While Teaching Kids Coding:

1. Not adjusting the teaching style:

Teaching kids coding requires a different approach because not all kids are the same. Kids as young as 9 years of age can learn to code. However, some are quick to learn while other might take some time. This doesn’t mean they can’t learn to code; this means we have to adjust the teaching style according to their learning abilities. At TechyKids, we fully understand and expect kids to learn at their own pace. That is why, we adjust our curriculum to meet the speed and skill level of our students. Similarly, our qualified teachers and instructors always ensure our students cement their knowledge before moving further into the course.

2. Not using the right teaching tool:

Not using the right teaching tool is yet another common mistake that most teachers and parents make. You can use fun off screen coding activities for kids before introducing them with on screen coding. It would help them to get familiar with coding concepts and fundamentals. Once they get comfortable, you can use Scratch Jr and Scratch to level up their coding skills. It is a free online coding platform for kids to get started with coding.

3. Not Practising from time to time:

Coding is a skill and just like any other skill, it requires practise. Especially kids, they get better at things when they are in touch with something they have learned recently. You will need to fix a schedule that would make sure they are not wasting away the skills they acquired.

4. Not making coding fun:

One of the best ways to spark your kid’s enthusiasm toward coding is by making it fun. Many teachers and parents fail to make the learning process fun and engaging for kids. They tend to lose their interest in coding if it doesn’t excite them enough. At TechyKids, we offer tech-based courses and programs for kids to prepare them for the future. We make our live online coding courses and programs for kids fun and interactive.

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