Why kids should learn Coding

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Allowing children to learn the language of tomorrow

In an article written by The Guaridan, it elborates on how children today are not only growing up faster, but also in different times then their parents. The social and educational environment is different for the iGen and Millennial generation. It is important to understand the times and help our children evolve and grow with the changes.

Coding and Programming is becoming a language of the world, if students are able to learn it at a younger age it will allow them to prosper in future career paths.

First of all what is coding? Coding is a langauge that tells a computer how to perform tasks. Why is it important?

  1. We are currently living in a world that is surrounded by code and software. From your telephones, to televisions and the internet.

  2. Coding not only focuses on learning the langauge of computers, but it allows children to develop problem solving skills and computational thinking that combines mathematics, logic and algorithms.

  3. Expanding knowledge, it allows children to break down complex problems into smaller sequences to narrow down the issue and create a solution.

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