Educating Kids in Coding is Important!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

It is important to set aside time for reading and writing to help our children develop essential

skills, why are most not doing the same with technology and coding? We consume technology

every day and we tend to neglect to think that there are producers behind these applications. All industries today involve some component of programming which is why it is important to expose our youth to such concepts. Coding can be defined as breaking a problem down into simple steps that a computer can understand, believe it or not, computers on their own are not very smart. Coding is becoming a life skill for we are surrounded with technological innovations daily, be it; paying for bills, real time editing, even tapping your card to get into the office.

Having basic knowledge on how computers think makes it easier to use smart phones, link devices and manage files. Not knowing how to code may soon be the same as not being able to read! These are the 5 reasons that we here at Techy Kids believe it is important to enroll your children in coding programs.

Competitive Advantage

Teaching kids how to code at a young age will give them a competitive edge later in life when

applying to colleges, internships and jobs. Such education will build 21st century skills that can

translate into a career, opening doors to jobs and concepts that we cannot even anticipate

today. We believe that coding is becoming a life skill and a new literacy in our digital age. Today there is a high demand for workers in the tech industry and they pay very well! Not only are there jobs in the workforce, coding skills also give our kids the opportunity to become

entrepreneurs or work in world changing industries such as; defense, energy, education or



Creativity is the experimentation of strengthening the brain; coding is a form of expression and creativity. Building a program and then consuming it is incredibly rewarding. Learning to code allows for a new form of consciousness around planning and creating, all while building better writing skills. It is also a form of self teaching. Kids quickly become experts in a specific area and then become the educator, this gives them confidence. Just because a kid wants to create a program to track their favourite sports team still makes him a sports fan! Kids by nature are creative and fluid, they think out of the box and learning how to code is a new form of storytelling. Creating a program includes a logical beginning, progress throughout and a conclusive ending.

Problem Solving

Math involves the concept of visualizing abstract situations and applying them to the real world. Coding takes persistence and discipline, it can be challenging and frustrating trying to find a solution, it takes research and collaboration. Teaching kids to code also allows them to manage frustration through debugging. This forces them out of their comfort zone in tackling large problems and analyzing errors. This allows them to recognize patterns and construct a solution to be successful time and time again, we define this as computational thinking. Programmers are smart, good problem solvers, fond of puzzles and well informed on social and political issues.


Coding is the way in which we communicate with computers, coding is used to build and run

websites, apps, video games and much more. Learning how to program allows kids to have a

better understanding of the world, for many of us do not have a clue on how our technologies

run. Learning to code changes the way that we communicate with technology, being the new

universal language across countries and cultures. Coding is now a literacy and a new way of

thinking. It is a new language and kids can learn alongside others from all walks of life. Being a programmer allows kids to be producers and creators with the passion to communicate, think, create and feel in a new way. It allows them to clearly communicate complex ideas with the most simple minded audience; a computer.

It’s Fun!

Lastly coding is fun! Let it be a playground for our kids allowing it to be a platform for learning,

personal growth and development. We want our children to learn how to use technology

responsibly and in the appropriate space as with play. Coding is fun and satisfying, the

challenges of debugging and watching a project, such as a game or animation, come to life is

exciting for kids. It also provides them with confidence allowing them to create games and then showing others how to use them. Today our kids can create their technological world just as they create their physical one. There are now fun ways to learn how to code and program which is what we do here at Techy Kids.

In Conclusion

Introducing your children to coding makes them wizards of the future! We teach our kids

subjects like math and biology to help them better understand the world around them, we need to do the same with computers for they are everywhere! Collecting data is not any less valuable than collecting trading cards. The best way to centre a kids focus is to allow them the do things they really enjoy, we will not know if your child is interested in coding until it has been shown to them; it is a lot like art. ​Count in a day how many applications you use, may it be; a debit transaction, checking social media or using custom software at work. You will then gain a true understanding of how important it is for our kids to be exposed to the language of technology, coding, to give them a competitive edge in our highly digital world. Reach out to us here at Techy Kids to enroll your youth in coding classes today!












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