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JavaScript is a dynamic programming language and is also known as the programming language of the web. It is widely used as a part of web development to create interactive and dynamic web pages. JavaScript is used by front-end developers in combination with HTML and CSS; together it constitutes the core components of the web technology. Although, JavaScript is mainly used for web-based application and web browsers, it can used in software, embedded hardware controls and servers. It is a fairly easy programming language to learn and JavaScript for kids can prove to be very useful in the future. Today we know that many of the world’s popular websites sites use JavaScript. Some of them include Google Chrome, Uber, Netflix, and the list goes on. The future will demand key knowledge in computer programming languages and today if we teach our kids how to code, we will be helping them to secure their career by giving them a head start. In this article, we have shared few reasons why JavaScript for kids is a good idea.

JavaScript for Kids:

1. It Is Easy to Get Started with:

Not all programming languages are easy to get started with. For instance, Ruby is super easy to work with but the process of installing it on to your machine is hectic. While all modern web browsers come with JavaScript installed, and Kids can start programming in JavaScript without wasting any time.

2. JavaScript is Versatile:

When you start with JavaScript you will realize that it can be used for a lot more that expected. The part which makes JavaScript versatile is that it can be used for front end and backend development. In the last few years there has been tremendous development in the JavaScript language. Like JSON is a popular way to transfer data, Node.js allows you to build servers in JavaScript and likewise there are plenty of other things possible with JavaScript.

3. Job Growth:

Technology has made many things easy for us and has become an integral part of our daily life. Most of the Apps, websites, and software we use are built using JavaScript. And with time, JavaScript for kids will prove to be very useful if they wish to have a career in web development. Even if they don’t wish to have a career in computer programming, having knowledge of core programming languages will help them in many other ways.

How can Kids Learn JavaScript?

Although JavaScript is used at a professional level, it is beginner friendly and with basic knowledge in HTML and CSS, kids can learn JavaScript with ease. At TechyKids Canada, we have structured pathways for our students, and they learn core coding languages with full support from their teachers. We also understand and expect kids to learn at their own pace. So, we also adjust our curriculum to meet the skill level and the needs of our students. They start with the basics and once they understand the fundamentals of programming, they can move forward rather quickly. Feel free to contact us to find the best coding programs and courses for your kids.


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