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A programming language is a key component of computer programming. It involves writing lines of code for a computer to follow in order to perform a task. There are nearly 245 notable programming languages. But Java and Python are the most popular and widely used programming languages around the world. In the last few years Python made great progress but Java has been staying at the top for a long time. Java and Python have always been exchanging positions on the top programming languages list. Java vs Python has confused many aspiring programmers and, in this article, we have shared few details stating the key difference between Java and Python. Read on to find out more.

Java vs Python:


Java is object-oriented and network centric programming language. It was introduced in the year 1995 and was designed to run on any platform through Java Virtual Machine to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.


Python is object-oriented high-level programming language that has built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and binding. And since it requires very few lines of code, Python becomes an ideal choice for rapid application development.

Differences Between Java and Python:

1. Performance:

The speed and performance of the application is really important and depending on the requirement of the programmer. One has to choose which of the programming language will do the best job. The biggest difference between Java and Python is, Java is statically typed and Python is dynamically typed. Java being a compiled programming language takes lesser time for executing the code. On the other hand, Python being an interpreted programming language determines the type of data at run time. It affects the time required of executing the code. This is the reason why many prefer Java for developing heavy application.

2. Learning and Readability:

While using Java, a programmer has to declare variables explicitly because it’s statically typed. But in Python, since it’s dynamically typed, the programmer doesn’t require to declare variables. This makes it very easy to read Python code than a Java code. That is why many suggest Python for a beginner as it easy to read and learn.

3. Community Support:

The community support for both Java and Python is great. Since both of them are popular and widely used programming languages. There are tons of online references, books, forums and other resources available to discuss and find solutions to any programming related issues. One cannot simply compare the community support for both the languages, all we can say is that community support is huge and always useful.

4. Jobs:

There are numerous job vacancies for a computer programmer and all of them are high paying jobs in general. Python is widely used by start-ups for developing web applications and Python is also popular among data scientists. Big companies like Google, Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify and Netflix use Python in their tech stack. On the other hand, Java is widely used for android development and has a lot of job openings in the market. Java is used for large applications and for enterprise level solutions. Many top companies like Amazon, eBay, Twitter and Airbnb use Java.

The demand for programmers is increasing day by day. There are more job vacancies than the number of applicants. In future, this gab is only going to grow and the demand for coders will rise. If we teach kids computer programming, they will have amazing job opportunities in coming years.

In conclusion, we can say that Java is a fairly difficult programming language to learn than Python for a beginner with no experience in coding. Python has a syntax which is similar to English language and would be easy to learn. At TechyKids, we offer tech-based course and programs for kids. We teach core programming languages to kids and prepare them for the future. They way how technology is evolving, in coming years coding will be considered as an important skill to acquire. Prepare your kids for their future and enrol them in a fun and interactive educational program at TechyKids. For more information, feel free to Contact Us Here!


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