HTML for Kids - Why Should They Learn It

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

HTML for Kids - Why Should They Learn It | TechyKids Canada

HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language and was introduced in the year 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. Since its introduction, HTML has helped us to communicate with others on the internet otherwise known as World Wide Web (WWW). It is a markup language for creating webpages and that also includes writing, links, videos, pictures and sound. HTML is used to mark and describe these types of content so that the web browser can display it correctly. It may sound complicated but it’s an easy language to learn. Today, Kids spend a lot of time on the internet and browse through websites for academic and other purposes. But not many kids know how HTML works and what they can do with it. HTML for kids is surprisingly easy and kids as young as nine years of age can learn HTML. It is a great way to get kids interested in programming and there are plenty of resources to teach HTML for kids. However, finding the right HTML Coding Program can be difficult. At TechyKids, we teach all of our students core coding languages through Live Online Sessions conducted by highly experienced teachers majored in Computer Science. Your kids can learn HTML and other programming languages in a fun and interactive process. In this article, we have shared few reasons why kids should learn HTML and how it can benefit them in the future.

HTML for Kids – Why Should They Learn It:

1. Create Website:

Almost 90% of the websites we see use HTML and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Kids can learn to develop their own website and add elements to make it more attractive. This would also help them to make use of their creativity and develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

2. Understanding the Web:

Having the knowledge of HTML would help kids to understand the functioning of the web. HTML is a widely used markup language and a helpful tool for creating websites. Many marketing and designer professionals use it to develop and optimize landing pages for getting better results.

3. Makes Other Languages Easy:

HTML for kids makes learning of other programming languages easy for them. It is also the foundation for taking coding skills to next level and knowing the fundamentals of HTML can help kids with PHP, JavaScript, SQL and more.

4. Improve Writing and Verbal Skills:

HTML for kids will help them to improve both writing and verbal skills. This is because when kids learn to code, they improve their reasoning skills. It helps them to enhance their writing skills along with communications skills as its easier for computers to follow simple instructions. Kids can also enhance their verbal skills while working in collaborations with others.

5. Job Opportunities:

We don’t know what the future has up on his sleeves but we can be sure about one thing i.e. coding. Kids when they grow up need to know what job opportunities will be available for them as adults. So that they can prepare themselves today for a better tomorrow. There will be an increasing demand for web developers in the future and HTML for kids will help them with adequate skills.

In conclusion, we can say that HTML is an easy language for kids and every parent should teach their kids the basics even if they are not willing to have a career in computer programming. It will prove to be an important skill to have not only to prepare them for the future but also to improve kids academic performance.

Where Can Kids Learn HTML?

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