How to Get Your Child Started with Coding?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

How to Get Your Child Started with Coding - TechyKids Canada

The school educational system is not enough to teach our kids the skills required for the future. As parents, we are relaxed because the school would teach our kids what is “need” to taught. But could that be enough for our kids to compete in a world where technology and innovation plays a vital role in our daily life? Recently, shared an informative article about how to get your child started with coding. Although for most parents, innovative technology came much later in their lives. Kids these days have easy access to computers, smartphones, internet and what not. They are growing up with technology and since our school system and curriculum change gradually. Getting your child started with coding becomes important irrespective of kids wanting a career in computer science or not.

When Can Kids Start Learning to Code:

It is found that real coding for kids can start from Grade 3 through the process of “gamification”. It is a great way to spark the interest of coding among kids because it makes coding fun and they won’t even realize that they are coding. Once they become familiar with fundamentals and terminologies of coding, it becomes easy for kids to move forward.

Why Now is A Great Time to Get Your Child Started with Coding?

Online learning is becoming very popular in Canada and kids have started spending more time on Apps, websites, tablets and computers. It becomes important for them to understand how these technologies work and how to come up with innovative ideas in the future.

The knowledge of computer programming will not only help them with academic performance but also will prepare them for the future. Kids should not miss out on a chance to develop skills required to innovate in the future. Especially in the ever-evolving field of STEM and computer programming.

At TechyKids Canada, we aim to provide kids the knowledge of coding by delivering tech-based courses that are professionally taught in a fun and interactive manner. The way how technology has evolved in the last few year, coding will be considered as an valuable skill in the future. The knowledge your kids will gain through our coding programs will give them an advantage over others while continuing their education and journey towards their career.

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