How Non-Tech Parents Can Teach Kids Coding

How Non-Tech Parents Can Teach Kids Coding - TechyKids

We live in a digital world which is constantly evolving and since technology has become an integral part of our daily life. Having knowledge of computer programming can prove to be very useful. Today, kids have easy access to electronic gadgets and can understand technology better than most adults. If we teach kids coding, they would become innovative programmers shaping the future of our world. However, it is not possible to teach kids coding without the support of their parents. In the last few years, teaching kids coding has become very popular in various countries. Not only tech savvy parents but also non tech parents can teach kids coding. Read on to find out how non-tech parents can teach kids coding.

How Non-Tech Parents Can Teach Kids Coding

Identifying the Learning Process:

To begin with the learning process of coding for kids, it is important to know what should be the first step. Because kids lose interest soon, it makes more sense for kids to start learning to code using the visual block programming. The languages are kids friendly and simple enough for them to understand. Some of the famous visual programming languages are Blockly and Scratch. The main advantages of these programs are the drag and drop technique. It makes coding fairly simple for kids and generates interest by transferring it into real action. However, it is not necessary for kids to start with visual block programming. They can start with text-based coding too. But here it’s all about generating interesting about coding for kids.

Make Use of Games:

As parents we often think that spending more time in front of the screen is not good for kids. Playing games online that could lead to addiction is always a concern. However, there are popular games like Roblox and Minecraft which allows its users to change the game elements, develop independent games and even interact with other players online while playing. A game that encourages kids to learn new things is always useful especially when can make coding fun for kids.

Find the right coding course for kids:

Today, there are plenty of resources available online that can teach various skills especially coding. Kids can learn to develop games, Apps, website and more. However, finding the right coding courses and programs for kids can be difficult. Since, all kids learn at a different pace.

At Techykids, although we have structured pathways for our students we fully expect kids to learn at their own pace. We adjust our curriculum to meet the skill level of our students. Feel free to check out our kids coding programs and curriculum to know more.


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