Coding for Kids - Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2021

Updated: Jan 4

Coding for Kids - Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2021 | TechyKids Canada

Coding for kids in Canada is gaining popularity and parents throughout the country are teaching their kids to code. Since the launch of Ontario’s new math curriculum by the Ontario government in June, kids can now learn coding starting from Grade 1. This would also help kids to navigate in today’s rapidly changing technology-based world. Coding for kids may sound complex but it’s just about ensuring our kids have the right amount of digital literacy even if they don’t wish to have a career in programming. The way how technology is evolving, the knowledge of coding can prove to be very useful for kids. As parents, we shouldn’t let our kids miss out on an opportunity to develop relevant skills for the future. In a way, learning how to code as kids would set them up for lifetime success because a skill like coding would never go obsolete. In this article, we have answered some of the most common queries which we have encountered while teaching coding for kids at TechyKids Canada.

Coding for Kids – The Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2021

1. What is coding for kids and what is the right age to learn coding?

Coding for kids in simple words means introducing the art of coding to kids and having them learn the core programming languages. However, kids are taught coding in a fun and interactive manner starting with the basics through gamification. Since, coding can be gamified and kids love playing games. Kids as young as in Grade 3 and Grade 4 can learn to code using visual block interfaces. This also makes it easy for kids to move forward in learning text-based coding.

2. Why should we teach kids to code?

Learning to code can help kids to enhance their thinking ability and problem-solving skills. It also helps them to develop their creativity and improve their communication skills. Similarly, coding is known to help kids in visualizing abstract math concepts and to apply them in real life situations. In our previous article, why should parents teach their kids to code. We have shared few more reasons regarding the same. Feel free to check it out.

3. Tips for teaching coding to kids?

Coding is a skill and to master it, one has to spend a lot of time practicing on a computer. Although kids may not be able to operate it with ease during the first few weeks. We should always try stay away from micro manage their activities. We have to be patient and let them explore things on their own. This would ensure that they get use to navigating and exploring thing with any external help.

4. What are the best programming languages for kids?

It is a great idea to begin coding for kids with visual block options and Scratch is one of the best. Kids will enjoy the learning process and once they are familiar with the concepts of coding. Then, they can start with Minecraft coding, which is a game open for customization. However, it also depends on kids and what interests them in learning. You can check out our previous article on the best programming languages for kids for more information.

5. What type of computer should we invest in?

This depend mainly on your budget and what method of learning you choose for your kids. In case of pre-recorded lessons, all you need is decent computer and a good internet connection because they are web based. But, for most kids live online coding classes works the best and for that you will need a good computer which is capable of running software, a webcam with microphone and an internet connection. At some point your kids journey towards learning computer science would require the use of real programming tools. If they are most likely to have a strong desire in pursuing the same then, you always have the option to upgrade the computer’s specifications.

In conclusion we can say that, with the changing time and educational policies in Canada. Coding for kids and basic computing skills will be considered as a new literacy. Today, there is a high demand for coder in Canada and it is only going to grow. By teaching our kids coding, we will be not only preparing them for the future but also will be securing their career. At TechyKids Canada, we offer tech-based courses and programs for kids to prepare them for the future. Our live online coding classes for kids are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers majored in computer science. Your kids will be learning from the best and would develop new relevant skills. For more information, feel free to Contact Us Here!


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