Coding for Kids: How It Can Benefit Your Child!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Coding for Kids: How It Can Benefit Your Child - TechyKids

Over the years, computer coding has become the fastest growing and evolving industry in the world. When one learns to code, it can be empowering and enables them to have a promising career. Coding for kids not only benefits your child in numerous ways but also sets them up for future opportunities. Coding for kids might come across as a complicated process. However, with proper introduction to the coding program starting from the basics, kids will learn to code efficiently. Also, kids are always surrounded by smart phones, computers, electronic gadgets, websites, apps and even robots. Major part involving the creation of these technology are carried out by coding. When kids learn to code, it allows them to understand the world in a better way.

Here are some points on how coding for kids can benefit your child while they continue their education and the journey towards their career.

Benefits of coding for kids:

Problem Solving Skills:

Learning to code as kids prepares them to solve complex problems. This problem-solving ability can help your child to analyze the situation better and enables them to find solutions quickly. Kids learn to tackle problems like how a software engineer would i.e. with logic and computational thinking.

Computational thinking is nothing but breaking down larger problems into a sequence of small and manageable problems. Logical and computational thinking is an essential skill to possess not only in school but also in life.

Learning a New Language:

Learning to code is like learning a new language. However, this new language is something that only computer can understand. Core coding languages includes Python, Java, JavaScript and HTML. Kids also become good communicators when they learn computer programming. This is because, to make computers follow instructions without any issues, the language has to be simple and easy to follow.

Improves persistence and creativity:

There can be many complex problems along the way of coding which can be frustrating. However, coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence and creativity. Through the continues process of research and learning, kids can achieve what they desire. Computer programming also enables kids to be creative. Kids can create their own games and apps rather than spending time on other apps and games.

Improves Math Skills:

Kids don’t need to be math genius to learn coding but it is necessary skill that they develop along the way. Coding is fun and kids won’t even realize the skills they gained throughout the process. Many a time, programmers face challenges which require superior math skills. Learning to code as kids can benefit them to face such situations in an efficient manner.

Better Job Opportunities:

Learning to code will increase your child’s possibility to have a better career right from the beginning. It will give them an advantage over others in the future. The way the technology is evolving, there is going to be an increase in demand for computer and software engineers. We all are aware about Artificial intelligence being the next big thing in the future. In today’s time, AI has become an integral part of the technological advancement and has a promising usefulness in the future. So, learning to code at an early age can have many benefits.

At TechyKids, our main aim is to provide kids the knowledge of coding through various programs and tech-based courses. Which will eventually lead to App building, web development, game creation and prepares them for the future!


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