Coding for Kids: How It Can Benefit Your Child!

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Coding for Kids: How It Can Benefit Your Child - TechyKids

Coding for kids has many benefits but it can come across as a complicated process to many who don’t know how easily kids can learn coding.

Kids are always surrounded by smart phones, computers, electronic gadgets, websites, apps and even robots. Major part involved in creation of such technology were carried out by coding. So, if kids learn to code, it can be empowering and also allows them to understand the world in a better way. Similarly, it can set them up for future job opportunities as coding can be considered as an essential skill in this ever-evolving tech world.

In this article, you will get to know the benefits of coding for kids and why it is the most important skill for them. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Coding for Kids:

1. Problem Solving Abilities:

Coding for kids prepares them to solve complex problems. As a coder, one creates many functions and algorithms to solve problems and enhance the overall performance of an App, software, website and so on. Such activities can train kids in analysing any situation and finding its solutions rather quickly. Coding for kids teaches them to tackle problems like how a software engineer does i.e., with logic and computational thinking. Kids learn to break down larger problems into a sequence of manageable and small problems. Logical and computational thinking are very essential skills for kids to have because it can help them to improve their academic performance.

2. Improves Communication Skills:

Learning to code is like learning a new language. However, this new language is something that only computer can understand. Some of the core programming languages includes Python, Java, JavaScript and HTML. When kids learn coding, they become good communicators too. This is because, to make computers follow and understand instructions without any issues, the language has to be simple and easy.

3. Improves Persistence and Creativity:

Many complex problems would rise along the way of writing codes for something. Although this can be frustrating, but coding for kids teaches them to improve valuable skills like persistence and creative thinking. Kids gain these skills through continues process of research and learning. Allowing them to achieve what they desire by being persistent and using their creativity to their ideas into realty.

4. Improves Math Skills:

Kids don’t need to be math genius to learn coding. But it does help them to improve their math skills once they being their coding journey. This is because coding is fun and helps them to visualize abstract math concepts by witnessing concrete real-life examples. Kids being to enjoy the coding process so much that they won’t even realize the skills they gained throughout the coding session.

Coding for kids also prepares them to face challenges which require superior math skills. Learning to code at a young age would prepare them to face such situations in a more efficient manner.

5. Better Job Opportunities:

The way how technology is evolving, there will be an increase in demand for computer and software programmers. Coding for kids will increase their chances to make the most of future job opportunities. While, coding skills can give them an advantage over others while applying for jobs, internships and college.

Similarly, we all are aware about Artificial intelligence being the next big thing in the future. In today’s time, AI has become an integral part of the technological advancement and has a promising usefulness in the future. So, people who began their coding journey at an early age would benefit a lot in coming years.

Why Coding is the Most Important Skill?

Just like communication, leadership and teamwork, coding for kids is a skill which they can learn and develop over a period of time. And as the technology progresses, coding will rapidly become the most important skill required for any type of job. The sooner kids being to learn coding, the better would be the result.

On the other hand, coding has opened doors for machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning too. It is only going to grow and will gain more momentum with time. This is the reason why many countries and educational institutes have made coding for kids mandatory. However, there are many speculations and myths about teaching coding for kids. But here why, coding can be the most important skill for kids.

It is not a secret that computer programmers earn big time. We are living in a world which is slowly turning into a digital environment. Which will create demand for more web developers, software developers, computer programmers and many other positions in parallel industries too.

According to Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the jobs that involves coding skills have an above average salary when compared to others.

Also, technology has helps us to achieve thing that was once considered impossible or hard. Through innovation we have automated many things which saves us time, energy and resources.

However, automation has put many conventional jobs at risk. But for these machines and software to work and perform desired tasks, human control is required. Which makes coding an important and a future proof skill for kids growing up in this digital era.

Where can your Child Learn to Code?

Learning to code has many benefits and having this skill is only going to become more important with time. Since, kids are blessed with a sharper mind, they tend to learn things faster than most adults. At TechyKids, we teach coding for kids in a fun and interactive manner. Our students learn to code from teachers who are experienced and have majored in computer science. Feel free to check out our kids coding programs or contact us for more information.


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