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Coding for Beginners Guide (2021) - TechyKids

We live in a digital age where coding is considered to be an essential skill. Most professions will require basic programming knowledge and coding for beginners would help them in many ways. Especially for kids, they can benefit a lot by learning to code at an early age. Whether they are applying for college, internship or a job in future. Coding for beginners may seem intimidating but they can still learn coding starting with the basics and then slowly progressing forwards. In this article, you will get to know what coding for beginners is all about and how they can start learning!

Coding for Beginners Guide:

1. Learn Coding Fundamentals:

It is important to understand the basic fundamentals for coding before starting with anything else. At TechyKids, our students start with the basics and move forward to more advance level step by step. It helps them to cement their knowledge and also enables them to code on their own. You can even begin with the programming language that you are interested in learning. Our suggestion will be Python because it’s syntax is similar to English language and leaning Python would make learning other programming languages easy.

2. Focus on Learning Coding Basics:

Learning coding basics and solving problem through logic are essential for all programming languages. If your kids are good at problem solving then they learn coding quickly. Few basic coding concepts are variables, pointers, data types, functions, if-else statements, conditional loops, hierarchy, classes and objects.

3. Work on Projects:

After understanding the fundamentals and basics of coding, it becomes crucial to work on projects. Similarly, if you are into web development then start building a website and assess it. This would help you a lot because coding being a skill gets better with practise. At TechyKids, our students work on individual projects with full support from their teachers. It is a great coding for beginners activity because it helps them to expand their knowledge base. Also, the more projects you work on, the better you get at coding.

4. Learn to Fix Errors:

Major part that’s involved in coding is trial and error. As a coding beginner, it’s for sure that you will get stuck with errors because even experienced programmers face this. In case of such situations, you can seek help from coding forum, online community groups or perhaps even google your queries to find solutions.

These are some of the basic things that coding beginners should follow. You can enrol your kids in a fun educational coding program at TechyKids. We have experienced teachers who have majored in computer science. Our kids coding courses are 100% online. To know more about our kids coding programs, feel free to contact us!


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