Best Online Coding Courses for Kids

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Today, we are surrounded by technology and there is no running away from it. While, the world is going digital day by day, technology has now become an integral part of our life. As a result, learning to code can prove to be an important skill to acquire. Especially for kids, knowing how to code can prepare them for their future endeavors. Although there are endless coding courses available on the internet, it becomes difficult for parents to find the best online coding courses for kids.

At TechyKids, our aim is to provide an opportunity to learn computer programming as kids and prepare them for the future. All of our programs are online and we offer three specific pathways i.e. Introduction to coding, school coding support and Advanced python.

Online Coding Courses for Kids:

Introduction to Coding:

In this online coding course students will learn the basics of coding and coding languages including Java, JavaScript, HTML and Python. Students self-manage their work with full support from our teachers through online led sessions.

Ideal for students from Age 9+ years.

School Coding Support:

School coding support is an online coding course for kids which is in-line with school curriculum. Under this course, kids will be working ahead of what will be taught in school. Giving them an opportunity to learn and understand things in a better way.

Ideal for students from Age 9+ years.

Advanced Python:

Python is one of the most versatile and easiest programming languages to learn. Here, students will learn to write their own computer program and design a web or desktop application. This online course for kids will give them competitive advantage over others and prepare them for the future.

Ideal for students from Age 13+ years.

Online Summer Programs for Kids:

Here at TechyKids we also provide summer programs with flexible options. This would be an ideal choice for kids and parents looking for a flexible summer program. You can sign up your child before school restarts. Students will have flexibility and can drop in to multiple sessions a week for full teacher support. For older students we have advanced python course that start in summer and continue into the fall.

We recently put together a list of companies that you might have seen advertising offering coding courses for kids. However, what they offer in comparison to TechyKids is something that you should know, Click Here to find out more.


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