Benefits of Scratch Coding for Kids

Benefits of Scratch Coding for Kids - TechyKids

Scratch is a visual based programming language that helps kids to explore coding from an early age. It is also a great way to get kids interested in computer science because the drag and drop programming style makes coding fun and engaging for kids. Whether we like it or not, the world is going digital now and as much as we want kids to spend less time on gadgets, they have to know how technology works to survive in the future even if they don’t wish to have a career in computer science.

So, to get kids started with coding, Scratch is a very good place. And in this article, we have shared few benefits of scratch coding for kids that would help you to make the decision. Read on to find out more.

Benefits of Scratch Coding for Kids:

1. Scratch is Fun and Creative:

Scratch allows kids to explore their creative side by engaging them in storytelling, game creation and animation. Kids get to fully express themselves which makes the learning process fun and interesting. You will be surprised to see what your kids can do after few sessions of coding.

2. Scratch is Visually Appealing:

Teaching coding to kids is not as same as teaching coding to adults. Although, both kids and adults can learn to code through Scratch. But it’s visual appearance can make it more interesting for kids. Writing lines of code on black screen can be boring and kids can lose interest in coding.

3. Kids Build Logic and Analytical Skills:

Scratch coding helps kids improve their logical and analytical skills. While creating games, stories or animations on scratch. Kids would face challenges that enhances their problem-solving abilities. These skills are not only useful to improve academic performances but also for life.

4. Availability of Hardware Extensions:

Since Scratch is a popular platform for teaching kids coding. There are many companies that produce hardware like controllers etc. that can be integrated with Scratch projects. As a result, kids can create and design their game controllers.

5. Easy to Learn:

Many think that coding is not for kids. However, this isn’t the case with scratch coding. It was built for kids and designed in such manner that even kids would understand. This eliminates the need of books, tutorials or any other resources to understand how the language works.

In conclusion we can say that Scratch coding for kids is an amazing platform. It’s free and can be used for personal as well as academic purpose. Above all, the biggest benefit of scratch coding for kids is that it helps them to develop 21st century skills through the use of technology. These skills would prove to be essential as they grow up in this digital era. If you want your kids to enhance their coding skills, then enrol them in a fun educational coding program at TechyKids. We offer tech-based courses and programs for kids to prepare them for the future. For more information, feel free to contact us here!


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