Benefits of After School Coding Programs for Kids

Benefits of After School Coding Programs for Kids - TechyKids

The year 2020 taught us many things and adjusting to the new socially distant online life was one of them. Many kids were attending school from home and they continue to do so in 2021. Parents are still wondering about different options for after-school online programs for their children. Post pandemic many have lost their jobs and many now understand the importance of technology. If we teach kids programming, we would be helping them to future-proof their career.

To understand a child’s interest or to help them develop an interest towards programming. An after-school coding program for kids would be a great start. Similarly, there are many benefits of after school coding programs for kids and some of them are as follows:

Benefits of After-School Coding Programs for Kids:

1. Skill Building:

Many schools have started coding classes for kids but we know why classroom coding curriculum isn’t enough for kids. An after-school coding program can help kids with skill building by providing them up to date learning materials. You will be surprised to see how your child is able to expand his/her coding skills which otherwise is difficult to gain with classroom learning.

2. Learn New Things:

Kids get to understand how technology works and learn new applications of the same in real world. It even helps them to develop skills like problem solving, critical thinking and other life essential skills. Also, after-school coding programs connects them with other kids who share similar interest in coding. At TechyKids, our live online coding sessions often leads to discussions where kids and teachers share their knowledge. This way kids learn new thing, which keeps the spark of learning alive.

3. Application of Skills:

Kids may do great in their math test and earn amazing grades throughout the academic year. However, an after-school coding programs for kids allows them to apply these academic skills by working on live projects with full support from their teachers. Kids get to witness real world application of math along with understanding the importance of working in collaboration with others.

4. Explore Creativity:

Coding programs for kids allows them to explore their creativity. This is because kids learn to develop games, apps, websites and more which also opens door for virtual reality. While developing games or apps, kids explore their creative side and use creative thinking to solve issues that arise while coding.

5. Makes Learning Fun:

At TechyKids, we offer after-school coding programs for kids and teach coding in a fun and interactive manner. It helps them to cement their knowledge and sparks their enthusiasm towards programming. Our success stories can help you to understand how our students have benefited from our educational coding program. After all to be a kid, it’s all fun and games. Our coding games and activities for kids at TechyKids them to understand coding fundaments.

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