5 Ways to Get Kids Interested in STEM Learning

5 Ways to Get Kids Interested in STEM Learning - TechyKids

Kids learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics at school but these subjects aren’t cited as favourites. Many parents struggle to get their kids interested in STEM learning because it can be difficult to change the way kids feel about these subjects. But before we dive in too far into how to get kids interested in STEM learning, parents should understand why STEM education is important for kids. As the benefits are not just limited to a better future.

5 Ways to Get Kids Interested in STEM Learning:

1. Outing with Kids:

You should take your kids out on a field trip to a science museum, botanical garden, farm, marine park or to an animal sanctuary. To a setting where anything and everything is related to science. Because, field trips like these can help kids explore the various aspects of science and its applications in an enjoyable manner. You can be certain about your children learning one or two new things that would get them interested in STEM.

2. Learning about STEM Role Models:

From Cynthia Breazeal to Nikola Tesla there are plenty of amazing STEM role models that kids can look up to instead of some random social media influencer. You should make kids aware of such STEM role models, their achievements, their contributions and recognition in their respective fields.

3. Teach Kids Coding:

You can teach kids coding by enrolling them in kids coding programs. It would teach them many things about how and why technologies work. It will spark their enthusiasm towards learning more and also enables them to develop skills required in various STEM fields. The benefits of coding for kids are huge and can even help them with academic success.

4. Experimenting and DIY projects:

In one of our articles, we have shared 5 fun coding activities for kids which you can do at home. These activities can help your kids understand the coding fundamentals and can even get them interested in STEM learning. Similarly, you can try doing science experiments and other creative activities which can teach them STEM principals. Some of the STEM experiments that you can do with your kids are cloud in a jar, magnetic slime, oil and water mix and so on. You can perform a research on STEM experiments that your kids would enjoy doing at home.

5. Get the STEM Toys:

There are numerous coding and STEM toys available in the market. These toys not only make learning fun for them but also teaches them to focus in on the four STEM subjects i.e., science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The whole idea behind these toys is to get kids interested in STEM learning. If you haven’t tried using them for your kids, then today is the time.

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