5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

5 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code - TechyKids

When it comes to preparing kids for the future, it becomes difficult for parents to know which path will be right for their kids. The difficulty is not in choosing the right path but to know whether it will be relevant in the future or not. Nobody knows the answer to this but there is one thing that we can be certain about, i.e. coding for kids. There are many reasons why kids should learn to code. Coding is fun and kids can learn to code without any problem.

At TechyKids, your child will learn the tech and be the future. We teach kids coding in the most fun and interactive manner. Which helps them to understand the process better and leads the way for them to develop games, Apps and more on their own. Since, parents are always worried about their kids developing skills relevant to their kid's future. We have shared few reasons why your kids should learn to code.

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code:

1. Coding is the Future:

The way we have transformed our world into this digital environment, not understanding computers will make lives difficult. Kids these days are surrounded with technologies and it is more important for them to understand the way it works. Since, everything begins from writing a code. When kids learn computer programming, they prepare themselves for the future. This within itself is a big reason why kids should learn to code.

2. Prepares Kids for the Jobs of Tomorrow:

It is estimated the 80% of the jobs which are available now, will no longer exist in the future. Jobs like postal service, printers, publishers and many other are facing issues. Many don’t get newspapers now because it available on their smartphones, just like e-books. This is because technology has made many things easier and convenient for us. And, since it is only going to grow in the coming years. It is going to produce many job opportunities for today’s generation.

3. Coding Improves Academic Performance:

Another reason why kids should learn to code is, it teaches kids to apply math to real world situations. It even teaches them to solve complex issues with logical and computational thinking. When kids learn to code, they strengthen their brain allowing them to be creative and develop problem solving skills useful not only in school but also in life. This boosts their confidence and their ability to learn things quickly.

4. Widely Used Language:

Computer programming is without a doubt the most widely used language in the world. Languages like Python, Java, JavaScript and HTML are taught at TechyKids. Many organizations and businesses use software and programs which are developed using these coding languages. Knowing these languages will give your child the ability to work around it efficiently and to adapt quickly.

5. Coding Teaches How to Think:

Computer programming is not just about writing lines of code. It also requires the ability to break down larger problems into smaller pieces in order to solve it in an efficient manner. This is called decomposition and is one of the key features of computational thinking. If one solution doesn’t work then; programmers have to try a different method to solve the problem. This practice at young age teaches kids how to think. Which is an important skill to possess in order to achieve the desired result.

In conclusion, coding for kids has many benefits and there are more reasons why kids to learn code. TechyKids Canada makes coding fun for kids and offers coding courses for kids to match the skill level of our students. We fully understand and expect kids to learn at their own pace. Our guided courses allow kids to develop passion for learning with full teacher support. Visit our website to explore courses and programs to teach your child coding today.


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