5 Fun Coding Activities for Kids

5 Fun Coding Activities for Kids - TechyKids Canada

Coding activities for kids doesn’t always require a computer. Kids can learn the fundamentals and concepts of coding through various hands-on activities at home. This makes the learning process fun and the subject less intimidating for kids. The idea behind these coding activities for kids are to teach them critical thinking, metacognition and also to help them in developing problem solving skills. These set of skills can prove to be very useful not just in school but also in life.

In this article, we have shared 5 fun coding activities for kids to make coding fun in variety of ways. Read on to find out more.

5 Fun Coding Activities for Kids:

1. Follow the Sequence:

In coding, sequence is a set of logical steps carried out in order by a computer. Similarly, follow the sequence is a fun coding activity for kids which can make them familiar with the process of writing these set of logical steps. In this activity kids have to write down the entire process, step by step, for someone else to follow. These set of instructions can be about anything they like. For e.g., preparing a sandwich or drawing something. This way kids will learn to create a sequence, that if followed will always give the same result. It becomes more fun when entire family participates as there is no limit on creativity.

2. Code My Name Bracelets:

Cody my name bracelets is the perfect coding activities for crafty kids. Using ASCII code, kids can code their names in binary. These binary codes can be represented by coloured beads to create bracelets, keychains, necklace or anything for home decoration. By assigning different colours to 0 and 1, kids can create secret messages or make the pattern say their name.

3. Emoji Story Telling:

Emojis are the modern way of communicating and expressing emotions. That is why emoji story telling activity for kids is one of the best ways to get them familiarized with technological form of communications. It can also enable them to have a better understanding of emotions and icons. Kids can create a story and also an emoji of their own using paper, colours, glitters and more. This activity helps them to demonstrate the social aspect of computer science.

4. Coding with Toy Cars:

Coding with toy cars is yet another fun coding activity for kids to enjoy at home. All you need is to lay out a track in grid form using a tape or chart paper. Cut out a small portion that would represent hot water or lava on the track. The aim of the game is to get the toy car from start to finish using “code talk” without running into the hot water or lava. Make it more interesting by giving kids bonus points for instructions given in advance.

5. Watch Movies:

Watching Sci-Fi movies can make kids think about technology and would also inspire them to come up with ideas for the future. There are tons of amazing movies that you can watch with your kids which are informative and sets everyone up for a discussion. It is a great way to get kids fascinated about technology, its usefulness and applications in real life.

At TechyKids, we make coding fun for kids and prepare them for the future. Since, kids are surrounded with technology, we need to provide them with the knowledge of coding. It will prove to be very useful in coming years even if they don’t wish to have a career in computer science. Enrol your kids in a fun an interactive educational program at TechyKids today, for more information feel free to contact us here!


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