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Coding Pathways

For Kids Age 10 & Under (Suggested)

Students start with Basic Coding!

Students will focus on the initial concepts of coding in "Starter Course D" which includes sequencing, events, loops, conditionals, binary and digital citizenship.

Once the Starter Course is complete, we will work with the student to choose one of the following fun coding pathways for Kids!

TechyKids offers multiple options for students to start on these pathways!  This includes:

•One day Workshops
Monthly Coding Courses!


A full stack developer is a hybrid between a front end and back end developer. They are responsible for creating the visible portions of the website (Front end) and creating the database infrastructure for the website Back End. We teach junior elements of the Full Stack Developer pathway through!

Full Stack Developers (Jr.)

Full Stack Developers (Jr.)


Students will learn how to create and share the content on their own web pages. They will learn how to structure and style your pages using HTML and CSS and practice valuable programming skills and design the app code in JavaScript with either blocks or text! Creation can be  shared in seconds.

Web and App Designer (Jr.)

Web and App Designer (Jr.)


Students will build on your coding experience as you program animations, interactive art, and games! The unit starts off with simple shapes and builds up to more sophisticated games, using learned skills and the design processes. In the final project students will develop a personalized, interactive program.

Video Game Design (Jr.)

Video Game Creator (Jr.)

Students can progress into our our text based Introduction To Coding Pathway. Students learn the fundamentals of writing a program by learning commands to complete simple tasks including Functions, Loops, If Statements, While Loops, Control Structures plus Challenges to reinforce what they have learned!

Next Level!

Next Level