Raye Ackerman

I have been an entrepreneur for as long I can remember.  I have failed miserably but in doing so have learned from those mistakes to ultimately build a business that took my family out of debt and changed our lives tremendously.   In 2016, our software business was acquired by a US based competitor and we are currently directing our focus on our Foundation and the launch of TechyKids.  I believe that technology is leading our future generation. Educating children at a younger age will launch them into a bigger and brighter career path. TechyKids isn't just about teaching children coding and programming, it's about collaborating with peers, developing problem solving skills and critical thinking.

Program Director

Tracy Coburn

For the last 20 years my employment has been centered in either telecommunications, new product development or software.  I love being part of a team that takes an idea and runs with it from the beginning planning stages right through to development and launch.  Considering my background in all things tech and having an 8 year son at home I see the value and importance of teaching children coding at a young age.  Coding is much more then just commands and loops.  Its about problem solving and opening the minds of young people to get them thinking about what they can accomplish.  As the Program Director, it has been truly exciting to see TechyKids go from just an idea to being fully set up and operational. 


Tyler Groth

I have been an OCT certified teacher in good standing since 2015. I received a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree from Nipissing University, and received my Bachelor of Education Degree from the Schulich School of Education. Upon completing my degree, I spent two years as a full time teacher at Longfield Academy in the United Kingdom. While at the academy, I was responsible for teaching grades 6-12 Business Studies and ICT, as well as curriculum development. Upon returning to Canada I started working at Techykids building courses, and teaching lessons.


Sabina Singh

My name is Sabina Singh, I come from Masters in Computer Science Engineering background from one of  India's most prestigious university ( Thapar University, Punjab). I started my career as Assistant Professor with Chandigarh University, India for more than two years and later had the experience to teach computer science subject to students in a school for more than 2 years. Apart from that, I worked in an IT company in Delhi as Project Coordinator where I had hands-on experience with real-life projects. After coming to Canada I started my career with TechyKids and has enjoyed working here with the team, students and parents. I am comfortable speaking in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Customer Service

Tonya Piirto

My name is Tonya and customer service has been my life for almost 25 years. Working for small family run businesses to large companies, my focus is always the same, to make our customers happy. My ability to relate to just about anyone and having two small boys makes the transition to the TechyKids family seamless. The ability to teach kids how to problem solve and work in fun group environments all while teaching them a life skill that will advance them in their futures is exciting!


Ninah Lucila

An educator of all trades, I am an experienced teacher of all things science and a purveyor of life long learning. My journey as a teacher began in Richmond Hill, flew me across the world where I had the opportunity to teach science, living and working in Sweden, and swung me back to Canada where I now lay roots. I am a down-to-earth educator and enjoy interacting with different facets of the local community. I am excited to be a part of the TechyKids team where I can stand side by side with youth as they embrace technology and learn to use it to solve problems. I think computer science is an important new subject, and it is with great pleasure that I get to help in giving children the opportunity to explore it.


Ratinder Kaur Rajpal

I am an experienced computer teacher with a professional experience of 8 years. I am qualified in Masters in Computer Application with specialization in Java. I hold experience as an Assistant Professor for an Engineering College and also as part of Java Education program where I trained 50+ students for their academic projects/work. I feel proud to say that I had an opportunity to work with organizations like ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization ) and IBM . I feel happy to be a part of Techykids team.

Head Office: 16945 Leslie St #25 Newmarket, ON L3Y 9A2

No Contracts or Commitments
Techykids is so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without contracts or commitments and you can cancel your child's sessions at anytime should you not be happy with what they are doing in class.  Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

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