New Workshop!

Micro:bit Robotics!

Teacher-Led 8-Week Program!

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Students will take their understanding of block coding to the next level by moving away from coding software, to coding a piece of hardware which they can hold and show off to friends.


Micro:bits have small led lights which can flash messages, motion sensors and they can be hooked up to other devices through cables and Bluetooth technology. They can be used to do all sorts of things like power cameras, write words in lights, chose playlists or control musical instruments.


Students will learn how to turn the Micro:bit into a game controller, then use it to create simple pixel graphics as well as fun-to-play games such as "Snake", "PacMan" and more!

  • Turn the Micro:bit into a game controller

  • Use it to create simple pixel graphics

  • Play fun-to-play games such as "Snake", "PacMan" and more

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Required: Course D

Duration:  8 one hour sessions 

Schedule:  Thurs. 7:00-8:00 (EST)

Students:  Limited to 10 students

Session Starts:  Thurs. May 6th

Session Ends:  June 24th.


Total Fee:  $135 (Plus HST)

Included:  Hardware, Shipping & Course

For Who: Students

Process:  Once you're signed up and paid, we will ship required hardware to you in time for course starting!

This workshop is for existing students.  This is an add on program and cannot be taken on it's on.  Students will have access to their regular program during this workshop. 

Registration Now Open!  Space Will Be Limited!


For Students that have completed Karel in CodeHS

Workshop Specifics