Online safety

Keep your child(ren) safe this summer!

We've created an internet and gaming guide along with a checklist as a tool for parents to manage their kids internet activities!  Check it out at the link below!

What Is Online Safety?

Online Safety has a unique definition when it comes to children, it's not only protecting their private/personal information but it is using it responsibly. Videos, games and social media platforms all grab our children's attention, we need to ensure that the information placed in front of them is age appropriate and safe for them mentally and phsysically.

Gaming Safety

It is important to not only monitor the games your child(ren) are playing but who they are playing with. Privacy settings is your new best friend. 

Internet Safety

Internet safety focuses on all platforms, social media, blogs etc. It is important to monitor private messages, information and videos they are exposed to. 

Why Is Internet Safety Important?

We at TechyKids believe that computer time is meant to be fun, safe, educational and productive. Understanding how your children use the internet and why will help narrow down how to monitor their usage; privacy settings, access to their accounts, and going through our 2019 Guideline.

Online Safety Checklist!

Complete the form below to receive a downloadable PDF checklist to go through with your child(ren)


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