Frequently Asked Questions. . .

How do I know my child is ready for coding classes?

We recommend students aged 9+ for our program.  No previous coding experience is required however students must be able to read instructions, use a mouse and be able to type consistently to be successful in our program.  If you are unsure, we offer a free drop in session where your child may test out the learning platform, meet the teacher and parents can ask questions.


What is taught during the Intro to Coding Program? 

Our most popular pathway! This pathway is for parents and kids that are looking for a more advanced coding experience which far exceeds what is offered by the school boards! Students will start with the core fundamentals before moving into languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript and HTML.  No coding experience is needed. All students start at the same place and move through the pathway at their pace.  For more information on our pathway please visit:


What is the difference between the Intro to Coding and School Coding Support?

Great question! The School Coding Support course is taught in line with the School Board coding curriculum. The purpose of this pathway is to ensure that your child has no issues with the new program!  Our Intro to Coding pathway gets much more detailed as the child progresses.  


Can I change from School Coding Support to the Intro to Coding Program?

Absolutely! This is never a problem.  Our teachers will ensure a smooth transition occurs and no learning is missed. 


How long will it take my child to complete the program?

Great question!  Our program offers a lot of flexibility!  Our program allows your child to go through the program at their speed.  We will not slow your child down or speed them up. The program is completely self paced. 


Do you offer in school classes?

Due to Covid-19 are locations are currently closed.  We are monitoring the situation however and we are using extreme caution in our decision making as the safety of our staff and students is our number one priority.


Are your sessions teacher led and from where?

Absolutely!  All of our virtual support plans are 100% teacher led and the teacher is live!  No recordings. We are based in Ontario Canada as are all of our teaching and support staff!


How large are the virtual group sessions?

We offer a variety of virtual support groups.  Our welcome and study group sessions are capped at 10 students per session whereas our more social drop in sessions are much larger.  The drop in groups are more social and will have some games and other fun challenges going on.  


How are the groups divided? 

All students when they first join should attend our welcome/beginner classes.  As students work through the pathway they will be moved out of the beginner session and moved into the next level.  


When are your sessions available? 

We have a variety of time slots.  Depending on the time of year, our virtual classes may be available during the day time, evening and weekends.  Time slots change based on whether or not school is in or out! 


What qualifications do your teachers have?

We love this question!  We hire teachers that are either board certified and/or have a degree in Computer Science or Engineering.  Some of our teachers are both certified to teach and have a CS degree.  We do not hire high school students.   


I missed a session and I'm paying for 1 hour per week

If you know ahead of time you cannot make your designated time slot - let us know and we would be happy to work with you to get it rescheduled.  For last minute (less than 24 hours noticed) missed classes, we will try our best to reschedule but cannot guarantee we will have the time available.  We do understand life happens and therefore will try our best to reschedule the class.


What if my child is not happy with the program?

We offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days.  If you and your child are not happy - just let us know.  There are no contracts or hidden commitments at TechyKids.  When you are ready to leave - just email us to confirm.  


Can I place my subscription on hold?

Yes, you may! Going on vacation or need a break as your child has exams or homework is getting too much? Just let us know and we will hold your subscription until you are ready to return.  We cannot guarantee your time slot will be available on your return but we can guarantee your child's work will be saved for their return.


How much are the classes?

We have three different support plans available.  Please see for more information.   


What equipment does my child need for this program?

For the best learning experience for your child we strongly encourage Chromebooks, laptops or desktop computers.  Tablets do not make for a very good learning experience and they are not very compatible with Online Video.  Mobile phones will not work.  Chrome and Safari are compatible browsers.  Internet explorer is not a reliable option.


Do you provide progress reports? 

We sure do.  Every 30, 60, 90 days.  Our teachers are also available to meet with you as needed.