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Some Content!

The following material can be used for communications or posts to Friends and Family about our services and what we offer! If you have any questions, please email:

Email Template

How & When to Use This

Once your child has had some time to work in our program, we invite you to use the email to send to friends and families that have kids from the age of 9.

Subject: Check this out!


Hi "Contact Name"

I thought I would send you a quick email about this online program that "Childs Name" has been involved with.  They have been doing really well and this has proven to be a great resource for us during the kids break from school. 


Check out

They offer Free Trials and some great Discounts to help out parents during these tough times! They also have a great incentive program for parents to help promote what they offer which is why I'm emailing you!


Let me know if you have any question or check out the link above. If you submit a form, do me a favour and use my name as the referrer!

Take Care!
"Your Name"

Approved Photos

How & When to Use These

These images can be copied and saved to social media for you to repost. Of course, if you have pictures of your own child working through the course, please use them!  Just send us a sample of the of photo and let us know whether others can use it too!



Facebook & Instagram

In our experience, keep your content very brief in describing your photo.  The messaging can be similar to the emails you send out! Keep it fun and feel free to use emojis! 😃 🔥 🚀 🤪 😆❗️♨️ ⚡️ 💻 👾 🎮

My child is loving this program! ❤️ Check out TechyKids for some great solutions! #codingkids

🔥Check out this online solution that my child is truly enjoying!

😆Wow! Who would have thought my child would love learning coding and programming!

🔥My child is learning how to build computer games with TechyKids!  #proudmomma!


Summer 2020

1. Please make sure anyone that you refer uses your name on any forms they submit as the Referrer!  We will ask as well to confirm if they might have been referred by anyone.

2. Don't spam people on Facebook or Instagram... Post once a week max and preferably work to get your child into photos.


3. Make sure your child is learning and working through the program. We'll be around to support (As we do with all students), to make sure they are doing ok!

4.  If unsure, ask for help!  We're pretty available to assist!