Coding Camps

Teacher Led Class - Spring Break Week!

Our beginners Coding Camp will teach a unique coding language known as “blockly” which will introduce them to Javascript coding in a fun and interactive, drag-and-drop environment. They will learn how to solve puzzles, create games, create digital art and complete a variety of other fun challenges.  We utilize the world renowned code.org platform and work with students at a level that many would never reach on their own!


For: Students 10 and Under 

Duration: 5 classes Mon-Friday (1hr Per)

Our Camps are online, teacher led and will have a maximum of 8 kids per session. Sessions will run on the same time daily (1:00 PM Eastern Time).

Students will require:

  • Computer with Mic and Webcam

  • Reliable High Speed Internet

  • Google Chrome Installed

  • Chromebooks will work too

  • Quiet area to work from!

Schedules & Pricing

​Our Camps are a one time fee! Receive a credit for future course signups!

Just $160 Plus HST

Pricing per Student

One Week Program

One Hour Per Class

For Students Aged 10 and Under!

Course Specifics

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