Our Mission

To deliver tech based courses for kids that are professionally taught, fun, interactive and educational. We aim to give students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers who have similar interests as they do.  With the way technology is evolving, coding will be a basic skill of the future and the knowledge your child will gain through our program, will provide them with an advantage as they continue on their education and career journey.

The Founder's Story

Raye Ackerman, the Founder of TechyKids, was traveling in France late in 2016 when he noticed that camps and schools were offering coding as an after-school activity to the local children. Some research discovered that several other European countries were offering coding as an extra-curricular activity, plus it had been added as part of the regular school curriculum. As an Entrepreneur who focused on software to find solutions for small business owners to more efficiently run their businesses, this was especially intriguing to him. In addition to running several businesses, Raye and his wife Denise also founded a charity and that provides tutoring in Math, English and Science in at risk community high schools. Considering his past businesses and the founding of the charity; opening schools for children to learn and further develop their skills in the language of coding, seemed a natural fit and transition. The Canadian market already has a few players in this space, however it is Raye and his team's intent to create a brand that is represented from coast to coast with professional teachers, curriculum and facilities.

Community Support

TechyKids Cycling

We are pleased to support a unique sponsorship program for amateur cyclists. Sponsorship has always been an active part of our commitment to promoting the TechyKids philosophy and brand. The sponsorship program targets not only elite athletes but also passionate amateur athletes. Our team of amateur cyclists are based out of Ontario, Canada and compete in Ontario and the United States.

For more information on the Techy Kids Cycling Team visit our Facebook page.

The Foundation is a fully licensed Ontario charity that is supported significantly by the Techy Kids founders.  The Foundation’s mandate is to break the cycle of students graduating from high school and not being properly prepared to succeed on their own at post-secondary education. They start with students as early as Grade 9 and work with them through Grade 12 by providing structured after school tutoring, support, on-staff guidance counsellors and educational related field trips.

For more information on the Foundation visit thefoundationcanada.ca.

Blue Door Shelter

We embrace our responsibility to be a contributing member of our community. Blue Door Shelters provide safe and supportive emergency shelter and services for people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. TechyKids employees have committed to providing full course holiday meals, clothing and toy drives, and other necessities to help get them get their lives back on track.

For more information about Blue Door Shelters visit Blue Door Shelters Website