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Why Coding for Kids?
Online and virtual coding for kids classes can help your child with academic performance as well as in developing other life essential skills. There are many known benefits of teaching coding for kids and at TechyKids Canada, we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities that stimulates a child's mind and imagination.

At TechyKids Canada, we have experienced educators who have majored in computer science. Through our 100% online and virtual teacher supported sessions, your kids will learn core computer programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML and now Robotics too!

We Give Your Child a Massive Advantage!


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All sessions are 100% online and are perfect for kids from age 8 plus. We offer multiple flexible support options for our Intro to Coding Programs! Beginners wanted and welcomed! 

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Coding and Robotics!
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Coding Courses

Our ongoing AND Summer Programs introduce students to the core coding languages of Python, HTML, Java and JavaScript!  Full teacher support!  Ongoing enrolment!  Multiple flexible options to keep your kids as busy as you want them to be!!!


NEW Robotics Programs!

Summer 2021!  New programs now open for summer registration including Robotics with Micro:Bit devices and introducing our programmable Robot named K8 (Kate)!  Multiple options allowing for massive summer learning flexibility for your family!!! 

Specialized Online Learning!!!

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  • Canadian educators & instructors!

  • Free access to our monthly workshops!

  • Free access to coding competitions!

  • Fun coding based themed activities!

  • Engagement with like minded students!

  • No false promises to you or your child!
  • 100% live teacher supported sessions!

  • 100% Pressure Free and Fun Learning!!

We Give Your Child a Massive Advantage!


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  • Ideal for kids grade 3+

  • No experience required

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  • What is the right age to learn programming for kids

    • Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos  all started learning to code when they were kids. Today, we all know where they stand and how they have collectively enhanced the way we can communicate, work and purchase products in a constantly evolving digital environment. Kids as young as eight years of age can start learning programming basics. At TechyKids, we have offer several pathways for kids age 10 & under and for kids aged 11 & older. We also understand that not all kids are the same. Therefore, we adjust our curriculum to meet the pace and skill level of our students.

  • Why should they learn it?

    • Learning to code at an early age helps kids to develop analytical skills plus an understanding of the importance of working in collaboration with others. Learning programming for kids can enhance their logical thinking, problem solving abilities, communication skills, critical thinking and math skills. These skills are valuable for future programmers and  many other careers.  Your kids will have an upper hand while applying for college and internships.  Learning programming for kids is beneficial for students who don't wish to have a career in computer science.

  • Is it hard for my child to learn? They have no experience.

    • Programming for kids might come across as a complex process to most adults but with the right learning materials and professional teachers, kids can easily learn to code quite quickly. Our team at TechyKids Canada, brings a wealth of real word educational experience to ensure students learn and understand coding fundamentals which leads to App building, game creation, web development, robotics and more.