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Programming and Coding for Kids!

All sessions are 100% online and are perfect for kids from age 9+. We offer multiple flexible support options for our Intro to Coding Programs! Beginners wanted and welcomed and we have options for the more experienced coders too! 

Start with the basics
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Learning Coding Helps with School Grades!

Coding Benefits

Improves Math and Writing Skills

Coding helps children visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real situations and makes math fun and creative.  For writing, kids who code understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills.

Learn the Power of Collaboration

Kids meet and learn how to collaborate with all kinds of peers, all joined by a common interest in technology. Classrooms and other in-person environments bring kids together for face-to-face collaboration.

Improves Persistence

Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence in the face of difficult challenges. Learning how to problem solve through trial and error builds this highly desirable skill and teaches the students to continue looking for solutions.

Improves Critical Thinking

When working on solving a problem, trying to get the computer to do something, kids are learning to look past the bigger picture and breakdown the problem into smaller, manageable tasks. These skills are useful in everyday life.

Primary Course

Our Main Course

Intro to Coding

Students start in the core coding languages of Python, HTML, Java and JavaScript. We start from the absolute basics with all students regardless of age or grade with older and more experienced students working through lessons more quickly.  

  • Python, HTML, Java, JavaScript

  • Unlimited curriculum access

  • Drop in class for support

  • Multiple Learning paths

  • Students start from intro level

  • For students from Age 9+

TechyKids specializes in teaching coding and programming to kids from the age of 8 plus! We teach real coding and make it fun! Our initial concept for our younger students is to make a game out of learning. Kids love games! We love kids that love games! Once they learn that coding is fun and not intimidating we can move on. The programs and courses we use to teach are internationally recognized as the best in the industry for kids to have fun and get excited about coding and are used by educators all over the world. Our older students jump right into real coding using various task based levels that see them progress through learning multiple skills and core coding fundamentals. Ultimately, our secret sauce is combining this teaching style and platforms with our teachers who support, mentor and motivate students to success! 

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Student Profile

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Our Senior Educators

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Tyler Groth
Lead Instructor

Tanmeet Virk

Bianca Pokhrel

Ratinder Kaur Rajpal

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About TechyKids

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 Addyson is absolutely loving the online sessions with TechyKids! She loves learning about coding; working on tasks daily, checking in with the teacher and other students a few times a week and being challenged with learning a new skill set. A truly wonderful learning opportunity! Parent - Ashleigh C. 

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