Coding & Programming for Kids!

No Experience Needed

Perfect for Grade 3 Plus!

  • Beginner Kids Coding Classes

  • Small Classes & Certified Teachers

  • Professional Classrooms

  • Productive Screen Time!



  • Learn the Language of Coding!
    HTML, Java, JScript, Python)

  • Build Apps & Games

  • Improve All STEM Skills! 

Certified Teachers, Comprehensive Curriculum and State of the Art Facilities

Junior Coder Program

TechyKids offers Individual Learning Plans that are designed to help children reach their full potential!

Junior Coder - Program

Your Child will learn the fundamentals of Coding which leads into App Building, Game Creation, Web Development and opens the door to Virtual Reality! Our pathways move into much more advanced skills with HTML, Java and JavaScript.

Coding Benefits

Better Grades in School Through TechyKids!

Improves Math and Writing Skills
Coding helps children visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real situations and makes math fun and creative.  For writing, kids who code understand the value of concision and planning, which results in better writing skills.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

When working on solving a problem, trying to get the computer to do something, kids are learning to look past the bigger picture and breakdown the problem into smaller, manageable tasks. These skills are useful in everyday life.

Learn the Power of Collaboration

Kids meet and learn how to collaborate with all kinds of peers, all joined by a common interest in technology. Classrooms and other in-person environments bring kids together for face-to-face collaboration.

Improves Persistence

Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence in the face of such challenges. Learning how to problem solve through trial and error builds this highly desirable skill.

Competitive Advantage

Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships, and jobs.  If you possess this hot skill you instantly appear more desirable in the eyes of potential college admissions officers and employers.


From Our Parents!

​"He's learning so much and the instructors challenge him and keep him engaged. Time well spent!"

​"I really love how they take their time with my son. He always has a great time in his class and is learning so many new things."

"I am amazed to see the progress my daughter made in a very short span of time. Thank you Techy Kids!"

D. Alexander

S. Kumar

K. Robyn

About TechyKids

At Techykids we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities that stimulates a child's mind and imagination. We strive to provide all parents equal opportunity to enrol their children in a fun and educational program by offering promotions and on-going discounts. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated with all corporate owned locations!

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Head Office: 16945 Leslie St #25 Newmarket, ON L3Y 9A2

No Contracts or Commitments
Techykids is so certain that you will love what we offer your child that we are willing to have you attend without contracts or commitments and you can cancel your child's sessions at anytime should you not be happy with what they are doing in class.  Zero charge or penalties for doing so!

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